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For all the kids out there, here’s how you can access and watch Netflix at school

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So, did that blonde chick do a number on you by dumping your behind for the school’s football star? Or have the bullies been messing up your peace of mind? Well, maybe you don’t have any of these problems, but happen to be just another American high school teenager beating the odds of flunking this or that class, daily, I mean the struggle is real.

Well, not every time the solution is to lash out on others for your problems or vent on social media.

Sometimes, the solution is to watch the trending stuff on Netflix in the student library and chill it out. After all, it happens to be the millennial way of doing things!

Many of the students nowadays are finding alternative ways to enjoy their spare time at school. They seek refuge in entertainment, which can be easily accessed from their mobile devices. It can be a gaming app, social networks or video streaming websites. And you know what! Netflix – the world’s most famous online streaming channel has become one of the major reasons students love to watch movies, TV shows, and Original series on their favourite video streaming website.

What if a school does not encourage students to access online entertainment channels? It remains true that schools tend to restrict access to online channels to solely focus on imparting knowledge.

Students need their Break in between lessons where they can unwind themselves through watching their favourite flicks. But, we all know that there is a limitation to the websites they can visit while connected to their school’s network.

Just keep on reading, to find what we are ON about here!

BUMMER! Netflix Blocked At School!

But, just when you try to access Netflix on your smartphone, while on the school Wi-Fi, all set to watch the latest episode of “13 Reasons Why”, it displays the following message:

And you’re like what the actual…..!

Is it not enough that these MOFOS are tormenting us the whole day with their demands to adhere to authority and abide by the rules, while also threatening bad grades if you refuse to do so!

They also want to stop you from seeking a little bit of entertainment on campus which can’t possibly harm anyone!

Why You Do This, Mr Principal?   

Nearly all schools apply substantial restrictions on their local area networks, via their firewalls. Any website that you may have an affinity for could be blocked by the school for being distractive. This can range from apps to social media and streaming services like Netflix.

However, not all hope is lost! What if you gain the liberty to tune into Netflix to watch your favourite programs, while still in school?

There are forces at play working day and night to address millions of students’ woes just like you, bypassing such restrictions and enabling you to access the content you want!

If you have succeeded in gaining your school’s classified Wi-Fi password and wish to destroy the bandwidth by Netflixing and Chilling in the school library, but can’t bypass the school’s Netflix block, Ivacy VPN can help you watch Netflix on School Wi-Fi 2020!

Whether you are in your school or elsewhere globally, you have to follow some simple steps to help you kill your boredom and enjoy nonstop entertainment on Netflix.

How To Watch Netflix At School?

Watching Netflix at school is not that big of a deal. You can do several ways, but first, you would have to unblock Netflix at your school! You will learn of them in the below lines!

However, the main answer lies in three magical words – Virtual Private Network, aka VPN!

Netflix Unblocked At School!

Network administrators at high schools like the one illustrated in the example above work day in and night, to stop students from accessing any site. Now, we can’t stop them from doing their job, but surely they are not the “Big brother” they think they are.

VPN – Virtual Private Network is a great solution to your troubles at school, making it possible for you to access Netflix and any other banned sites. Here is the deal; the VPN establishes a private network for you to connect with the World Wide Web.

Here Is How You Can Watch Netflix at school.

Here is a simple 4-step process to help you get through the school’s network restrictions and access Netflix from your school via the Virtual Private Network without any fuss.

Here you go!

  • Get Netflix VPN software for your device.
  • Select the plan which best suits you.
  • Install it on your desired device.
  • Connect with a server of your choosing (since the largest library of Netflix shows is available in the US, it’s a given that you must select a US server)

And that’s it! You should be able to unblock Netflix! Enjoy unhindered online streaming of your favourite programs on Netflix with flawless speed even in the vicinity of your school.

App for Unblocking Netflix

Most of the VPNs offering services for unblocking Netflix either do not have apps optimized for Netflix, or if they do, those apps do not support all platforms such as Windows, Xbox, PS4, Linux, iPhone etc. However, Ivacy’s App for unblocking Netflix is a one size fits all solution since it supports all platforms.

VPNs Rule All The Way!

If you are looking for a slapdash solution, you can go for a proxy. Otherwise, VPNs are the best possible option given their integrated security features, unblocking Netflix and ensuring the utmost security and online privacy. VPNs use several protocols to encrypt the outgoing data, which is absent in any other methods.

A VPN unblocks the desired service and encrypts all of your data ensuring that you do not end up with a DCAA notice getting delivered to your home which is why VPNs are recommended for unblocking Netflix because they combine entertainment with protection for you. A VPN is simply more secure.

Best VPN that works with Netflix

Although there is a hoard of various VPN services available online, each offering many different features, Ivacy happens to be the best one! It is a robust VPN, with extremely faster speeds, dedicated IPs, a large number of strategically positioned servers and all that available in budget-friendly pricing packages. Contrary to their claims, most VPNs do not work with Netflix anymore, as explained above on account of Netflix’s sophisticated measures.

However, Ivacy offers multi-layered servers that are always able to work their way around Netflix’s servers.

VPN for Netflix Kodi

If Netflix is the world’s most popular streaming service, Kodi is one of the world’s foremost media playing software applications out there. And therefore, there is an add-on for Netflix available on Kodi because, how could it be not?

The add-on is called NetfliXMBC, and it enables you to stream the most trending TV shows and movies on Kodi.

Here is a quick guide on how to install Netflix on Kodi:

  • Install Ivacy VPN and select the servers where the content you want to access is available. For instance, the US and Canada!
  • Upgrade Kodi to the latest version available
  • Now download the Netflix plugin file from the official website.
  • Open the Kodi app and configure the plugin.
  • Use your credentials to log in to Netflix, and here you GO!


What Is A VPN, and how does it work?

This network gives you a unique IP address, assigning you a new one belonging to another part of the world. Therefore, the local area network is fooled into thinking that the device you are connected to is located elsewhere, thereby granting you access to the blocked sites. Quite put, a VPN acts as an intermediary between you and the Internet. All the data transmitted from your computer running through the internet gets transferred through the VPN, be it data related to streaming services, gaming, and music apps; it all gets encrypted.

This is a quite simple yet extremely efficient method that always gets you the desired results!

How do I Set up A VPN on My Phone?

Setting up a VPN on your phone is easy. All you have to do is, download the Ivacy app from the store and set it up according to the on-screen instructions. The same applies to laptop, tablet and any other devices running on any platform. Ivacy has an app for all platforms.

Which option is the best for unblocking Netflix?

The various methods that can be used towards the end of unblocking Netflix have been given here, along with each one’s pros and cons. On the surface of it, all of these may look identical; however, they aren’t. Each of them has some advantage or drawback over the other, which making it unique. You can choose according to your own distinct needs and wants.

Can VPNs slow down the speeds?

Using a VPN can have a detrimental impact on internet speed in certain circumstances. It just depends upon the kind of VPN service you are using. The top VPN services can even have the opposite effect on your internet connection. For instance, Ivacy VPN is one of the few VPN services that ensure the maximum speeds at all times, through the advanced protocol overheads.

Can the school catch me using Netflix?

Well, the VPN service can’t help if you are caught watching Netflix in your library by the school staff or some bored teacher! However, whether the IT system administrator can detect your device whilst, you use a VPN? That is out of the question and not possible. Therefore, you can freely stream Netflix without having to worry about getting caught!

Are Free VPNs Good Enough?

First of all, free VPNs do not give the same amount of features and benefits as the paid subscriptions do. Secondly, the high number of servers and sophisticated technology required to run a VPN service is too high. Therefore, if a VPN service is offering for free, there is definitely something fishy going on. There is a high chance that they are profiting off your private data!

How To Watch Netflix at school With A Free VPN Trial!

Currently, only a few VPN services offer a free trial and Ivacy happens to be one of them. Ivacy offers a 7 day free trial with each of their 1-month plan, 6-month plan, and 1-year plan.

Can the government track VPNs?

The government cannot track a VPN, which is the prime objective behind using them in the first place. However, there’s a twist. The VPN service may be obligated to hand over the data should the government require it. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a VPN with an explicit “No Logs Policy” which means that none of your data is being recorded by the VPN and thus, none of which risks going to the government agencies.

Another related consideration is, whether the VPN service is situated offshore, meaning that a country which does not adhere to the data laws of Europe or the USA, for instance, Panama or Singapore.

Is it possible to use a VPN for other purposes than to Watch netflix at school?

A good VPN, for instance, Ivacy do not just let you unblock Netflix. It can also be used for torrenting, gaming, accessing other banned content on the Internet and even the banned youtube videos available in certain geographical regions. Such a VPN can prove to be a jack of all trades in meeting all of your online needs.

Can I get into trouble for using a VPN to Watch Netflix at school?

Well, absolutely NOT!

Unless you have used a VPN to access some questionable or legally forbidden content, you can’t get in trouble for simply using it for Netflix. However, you could be violating the “Terms of Use” put forth by Netflix, and for that, it is possible for Netflix to ban you from using its service.
Another possibility is that your IP address gets flagged and results in a DCAA copyright violation notice, thereby putting you at the risk of either going to jail or having to pay a fine!

So, how does Netflix penalize VPNs?

When Netflix detects multiple requests coming in from the same IP address, it flags those IPs as suspicious, considering that they could belong to the VPNs. Netflix has been even known to block whole assortments of IP addresses from a place known to host VPN servers.

Therefore, most VPNs are unable to bypass Netflix’s restrictions and constantly adapt to the measures taken by Netflix by constantly adding new servers and replacing older ones. This is exactly why you need to choose wisely when it comes to a VPN and choose only the one with a dynamic spectrum of servers available and constant updates to overcome Netflix.

Is there any other way to Watch Netflix at school without a VPN?

Another way of unblocking Netflix without a VPN is the old school method of using a proxy! A proxy has the same function as the VPN and works identically, by masking your IP! It is effortless and simple to use, and most of the proxies come for free.

However, there is a drag! Since Proxies are old technology, first of all, they do not include data encryption as offered by the VPNs, which means your data is not secure at any given point in time. Secondly, not all of the web traffic is unblocked. Your original IP address is changed only for the specific URL that you wish for it to change. Which means you can only unblock one website or service at a time.

You can follow the following steps for using a proxy to unblock Netflix:

  • Identify a proxy that you like
  • Copy and paste the Netflix URL in the space given.
  • Select the server you wish to connect with
  • Press Enter, and here you go!

Another way of unblocking Netflix is to use a DNS proxy service. It works the same way as an ordinary Proxy does, with slight differences. The DNS proxy services change your DNS settings so that geographically restricting sites or services such as Netflix’s servers are tricked into thinking that you are in the right location to access their locked content.

The DNS proxy server reroutes only specific information about the geographical location, unlike the VPN which reroutes all of the internet data. Moreover, the DNS proxy is also not encrypted.

You can follow the following steps for using a DNS proxy to unblock Netflix:

  • Subscribe to a DNS Proxy server
  • Log in to the Admin Panel of your router.
  • Configuring by entering the router Admin Username and Password
  • Find DNS Settings and Change them to Smart DNS Proxy DNS IPs.
  • Now Save your new settings.
  • Reboot your router by turning it OFF and then ON
  • Select a DNS server that works best

Connect using your provided credentials and Unblock Netflix

Should a VPN be ON all the time for Unblocking Netflix?

There is no harm in keeping the VPN on all the time; it only helps keep your connection secure. However, you can choose to keep the VPN on only when you want to unblock Netflix.

Final Thoughts

Whichever option you go for, to wield as a weapon against the Netflix blocking, you must do so with the knowledge that, for every block put forth by the authoritarian regimes such as that of your high school principal or that of a country, or a service such as Netflix, there are those working to circumvent these barriers. Ivacy happens to be one of them. Ensuring the right to free internet at nominal rates, Ivacy is the hero we do not deserve, but we all need!

Unblocking Netflix in school is not rocket science; it requires a little bit of action backed up by knowledge. We have given you all that you may need to make that decision; it now rests in your hands. So what are you waiting for? Ivacy is offering many feasible packages that won’t be a burden on your pockets.

You can get your hands on Ivacy here!

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