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How To Watch BT Sport Live Stream On Kodi [Updated September 2022]

How To Watch BT Sport Live Stream On Kodi [Updated September 2022]

Looking for free, grounded, and well-rounded entertainment? Try Kodi, a one-stop media player for entertainment enthusiasts world-over. The hub of TV shows, movies, songs, and sports, there is very little that you can’t do with this beast of a media kit. And here’s the thing, even though movies and shows are fun to watch on a night-in, the adrenaline rush of a game well played is something else. While movies and shows can be watched any time, sports are best enjoyed the first time they are played; right when their audience can watch BT sports Live Stream from anywhere that take their shots live and cheer on their favorite teams.

As a brilliant platform for sports fans, Kodi lets you watch BT Sport live stream and get your fill for the top sports teams including the English Premier League, UFC, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Europa League to name a handful.

BT Sport live stream is a group of sports television channels holding exclusive live UK TV rights to 76 Premier League matches per season as well as exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UFC, and much more. You can also watch BT Sport live stream on Kodi. In the text that follows, you will find out how to do that.

How to Watch BT Sport Live Stream on Kodi

Kodi makes it super easy for sports fans to get their craving for good games fulfilled. All you need to do is to download Kodi on your device, install the addon, and you’re good to watch BT Sport Online free! Although you do need to keep in mind that the official BT Sport live stream Kodi addon is geo-blocked in several regions of the world, so for that to work, you’ll need to be at one of the locations where it is accessible.

But in case you’re not, we’ve got your backs covered too!

Simply download Ivacy to unblock the addon and watch BT Sport live stream anywhere in the world.

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But that’s not all, there’s another way to watch BT Sport live. By getting UK Turks on Kodi you can access BT Sport live stream from any corner of the world. In many corners of the world, this is also considered to be the best Kodi addon for BT Sport.

Currently, UK Turk Playlists is the best Kodi addon to watch BT Sport on the open-source media platform. You will be able to install it on your Kodi after which, you can live stream your favorite sports including UFC 229 on Kodi. Below you will find the installation guide to set up BT Sport on your Kodi version, respectively:

Streaming Kodi for BT Sport without a VPN may just get you a DMCA Notice! Protect yourself, and stream BT Sport Kodi with the best Kodi VPN!

How to Watch UFC via BT Sport Live Stream on Kodi

UFC is a widely popular sport that is enjoyed by people from every walk of life. The electricity a UFC event packs is one to marvel at!

With BT Sport, which happens to be the official broadcast partner for UFC in the UK, you can watch the event live. So even if you are based in the US region, you can UFC with ease.

In case if you are located outside of the US or UK, you can employ Ivacy VPN to avail BT Sport channels and thus, access MMA live from anywhere in the world.

  • Subscribe to a paid version of the app
  • Download and install Ivacy VPN after downloading it on your preferred device or you can always configure it on your router
  • Open the app and connect from either the UK or US region
  • Login to your BT Sport app or visit its website
  • You can quickly access the UFC live streaming match

On Kodi, however, here’s how you can enjoy UFC.

How To Install UK Turk Playlists Kodi Addon For Jarvis 16.1

1. Launch Kodi
2. Go to System -> File Manager
3. Click Add Source
4. Select None
5. Type in and click Done
6. Under Enter a name for this media source, type in MK Repo. Click Done
7. Select OK and go to your Kodi’s home screen
8. Go to Systems -> Settings -> Addons
9. Choose Install from zip file.
10. Select MK Repo
11. Click on
12. Go back to the Kodi home screen
13. Click System -> Settings -> Add-ons
14. Select Install from repository -> MetalKettles Addon Repository -> Video Addons
15. Select UK Turk Playlist -> Install
16. Go back to the home screen. Click Videos -> Addons
17. Launch UK Turk Playlists
18. Select Sports
19. Scroll down to BT Sport and watch live sports online

Worried about getting a DMCA notice while streaming Kodi for BT Sport? Protect yourself with Ivacy VPN as you Watch BT Sport live stream.

How To Install UK Turk Playlists Kodi Addon For Krypton 17.6

1. Open Kodi
2. Then, go to System Settings -> Expert Mode -> Addons
3. Turn on Unknown sources
4. When the warning message appears, click Yes
5. Now go back to the Kodi home screen, and click on the Settings icon
6. From here, go to File Manager -> Add Source
7. Select None and then enter the following path without the quotes “”
8. Name it MK Repo and click OK
9. From the Kodi home screen, select Addons.
10. Click on the Package Installer Icon at the top left corner.
11. Choose Install from Zip file
12. Select MK Repo ->
13. Now, select Install from repository -> MetalKettles Addon Repository -> Video Addons.
14. Select UK Turk Playlists -> Install
15. Go back to the home screen. Click Videos -> Addons.
16. Launch UK Turk
17. Select Sports
18. Scroll down to BT Sport and watch live sports online

Now you know how to watch BT Sport on Kodi. To make sure you’re not getting bottlenecked by geo-blocking or legal issues, subscribe to an Ivacy account.

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Alternatives to BT Sport on Kodi

Even though we get if you’d want to limit yourself to BT Sport live stream, however, if you want to explore further waters, Kodi has several sports addons available besides BT sport live stream. Here are some of our favorite options that can also be unblocked anywhere in the world using Ivacy.


ESPN, Inc. is a pioneer among basic cable television networks in that it devotes its entire programming to a single topic: sports. By 2002, ESPN’s main network had reached over 87 million homes and aired all four major professional leagues: baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. ESPN was the number one basic cable network in terms of affiliate, national, and local advertising income, according to ESPN’s parent company, Walt Disney, in its 2002 annual report. ESPN, widely regarded as the most successful basic cable network, provided marketers with access to a difficult-to-reach population of young guys. ESPN was routinely chosen as the most valuable cable network by cable system operators.

NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass is an out-of-market sports package that is offered as an online streaming subscription as well as a cable and satellite TV add-on. The service is the premier location for NBA programming, including on-demand access to about 40 live games each week and full-game replays.

WWW iPlayer

The iPlayer is a web service that allows internet users in the United Kingdom to download and watch BBC television and radio shows for up to seven days after they have aired. Users can download and watch programs as soon as they are broadcast on BBC TV or radio.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is a smartphone app that allows Dutch fans to follow their favorite sports wherever they go. The app has offered mobile coverage for all of Fox Sports’ broadcasting rights over the years.


The USTVnow website converts a computer, smartphone, tablet, or Smart TV device into an interactive TV screen, allowing users to watch TV not just in different areas of the house, but also empowering travelers and expatriates to watch TV when traveling or staying abroad.

Are VPN Services Legal?

Using a VPN is legal in most countries in the world. However, there are still a few countries where using VPN services is illegal. This is often because of security and privacy concerns. Thus, the local government bans some specific VPN services or the use of VPN services entirely.

To be on the safe side, we suggest that you contact a legal professional and ask them about the legal status of using a VPN in your country. And only if they give you the green light should you proceed to subscribe to a VPN service.

Can I use a Free VPN?

Yes, you can use a free VPN, but we would recommend that you avoid them. This is because free VPNs often make up for the revenue lost by selling off personal user information to third parties. Thus, opening you up to the risk of cybercrime.

In contrast, paid VPN plans are much safer to subscribe to. Since they are charging you a monthly subscription, they would not risk losing you as a customer. Furthermore, paid VPN services usually follow strict no-logs policies that ensure that your personal data is not leaked anywhere.

Final Word

Through this guide, you can even access BT Sport for Kodi Fire Stick or catch your favorite games anywhere with BT Sport for Kodi Android. This guide also enables cord-cutters to access BT Sport on their Kodi boxes.

As per the new US bill, your ISP can sell off your browsing history let alone spy on your online maneuver. To keep away from getting caught while streaming on Kodi, it is highly recommended you use a Kodi VPN to encrypt your traffic and hide your IP address.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get BT Sport on Firestick?

Yes, BT Sport is now also available for download on the Amazon Firestick.

  • Can I watch BT Sport on the Web browser?

Yes, you can also watch BT Sport on a web browser. You will just need to visit the BT Sport official website and stream the content on their online video player.

  • Why is BT Sport not working with VPN?

BT Sport might not be working with a VPN if your IP is blacklisted. IPs usually get blacklisted when there is an unusual amount of traffic on a single IP address. For this, you ought to try switching the server that you are connected to.

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