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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada? [April 2023]

watch bbc iplayer in canada

Sadly, BBC iPlayer is only available in UK, which means you will not be able to access it from Canada. Fortunately, you can use Ivacy VPN to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada.

Are you trying to access BBC iPlayer from Canada? Unfortunately, the streaming service is only available for the UK audience. Even if you try to stream BBC iPlayer in Canada, you will get the following error:

BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues. In the UK? Here’s some advice.

BBC iPlayer error message

This is the error you will get while trying to watch “The Newsreader” from outside the UK.

Despite living in a technologically advanced world, it’s disappointing that Canadians cannot stream blockbuster episodes like BBC iPlayer Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who, and Killing Eve owing to geo-restrictions. But you need not worry as you can overcome this issue for good by following a simple workaround.

It turns out that a reliable Canadian VPN is all you need to bypass geo-restrictions by disguising your device’s location and making it look as though you’re accessing BBC iPlayer from within the UK regions. So, all you need to do is find the best VPN for BBC iPlayer, which in our opinion, is Ivacy VPN.

This blog will guide you on how you can bypass geo-restrictions. Read on to learn more.

What is BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer’s initial release occurred on 25th December 2007, exactly 14 years ago. This service is amongst the most famous online content-streaming platforms, offering many fantastic TV shows and films. BBC iPlayer is the BBC’s video-on-demand service, accessible via various devices, including smartphones and tablets, personal computers, and smart televisions. It is worth noting, that there are no ads on iPlayer services delivered to UK-based viewers.

Why Can’t I Watch BBC iPlayer?

The BBC iPlayer allows you to watch popular TV shows like Killing Eve, Peaky Blinders, and Poldark online, but only if you live in the United Kingdom.

Like most streaming services available in the market, BBC iPlayer is region-locked due to rights agreements, which means you need to be in the UK to stream and download your favorite shows or watch BBC iPlayer live.

How to Get BBC iPlayer in Canada?

Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is unavailable in any region other than the UK; it is a UK-based streaming service only available to users in the United Kingdom. However, there are a few ways to work around that issue if you want to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada.

You can use a VPN to bypass these geo-blocks and stream your favorite shows and channels. But since BBC iPlayer has extremely rigorous VPN-detection mechanisms, most VPNs cannot unblock BBC iPlayer when traveling, so using a free VPN for BBC iPlayer might not help you.

Follow the below step-by-step guide to watching BBC iPlayer in Canada:


How to Watch BBC iPlayer on Apple TV?

There is a BBC iPlayer app available on the App Store. So if you live in the UK, you can easily download the app from the Apple Store and start streaming. However, if you live somewhere other than the UK, you will have to configure your router with a VPN to access the UK App Store to stream your favorite shows on BBC iPlayer.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Because not all routers are VPN-ready, you must first determine the sort of router you have.
  • Subscribe to an Ivacy VPN.
  • Configure Ivacy VPN on your router by following our setup guide.
  • Now connect the Apple TV to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Download BBC iPlayer App from the AppStore by searching for it.
  • Install the app and start streaming BBC iPlayer free from any restrictions!

How to Watch Live TV on BBC iPlayer?

Watching BBC iPlayer live in the UK is as simple as streaming your favorite shows. However, if you live in Canada or the US, you must use Ivacy VPN to get through the geo-blocks.

Here’s how you can watch Live TV on BBC iPlayer:

Note: After three hours of watching live TV on your connected TV, the live broadcast will end. You can restart it by returning to the Channels menu and choosing it again.


How to Download BBC iPlayer on Amazon Fire Stick?

The Amazon app store does not include the BBC iPlayer Firestick app. As a result, we must sideload the iPlayer APK that works outside the UK. However, we recommend using a VPN before doing that.

Check out the steps below to download BBC iPlayer APK on Amazon Firestick:

  • Get an Ivacy VPN subscription.
  • Download and install Ivacy VPN on your device.
  • Log in with the credentials provided.
  • Connect to a UK VPN server.
  • Go to the BBC iPlayer official website.
  • Sign in or register for BBC iPlayer.
  • Now go to the Home Page of Firestick and tap on the Search
  • Search for the Downloader app and install it.
  • Once the Downloader app is installed on Amazon Firestick, go back to Home Screen and select
  • Now redirect to My Fire TV.
  • Click on Developer Options.
  • On the next screen, click on Install Unknown Apps.
  • Click the Downloader app to turn it
  • Open the Downloader app, dismiss any prompts that appear, and go back to the Main
  • Now click on the Address bar/Text box in the middle.
  • Enter in the text box and click
  • When the download is finished, click on
  • Click on Open to run the BBC iPlayer APK on Amazon Firestick.
  • Start the BBC iPlayer app from the Apps and Channels
  • Click Sign in.
  • You should now see a popup with a code on your FireStick. Make a note of the code, activate BBC iPlayer, and start streaming your favorite shows!

How much is a BBC iPlayer subscription?

Although BBC iPlayer is a free service, remember that your mobile provider may charge you for data usage on their network. Please contact your mobile network operator if you are unclear about how much mobile data costs or to find out more about your data allowance.

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer?

Every month, the BBC iPlayer provides a slew of new movies and TV episodes. Here are some of the top movies and shows available on BBC iPlayer that are everybody’s favorite:

1.    Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

An early 1900s England mobster family epic based on a group that sews razor blades into the tips of their hats and their ruthless boss Tommy Shelby.

2.    Doctor Who

Doctor Who

The adventures in time and space of the extraterrestrial explorer known as the Doctor and their Earth-bound companions.

3.    Superman & Lois

Superman and Lois

In today’s culture, the world’s most recognized superhero and comic book’s most famous journalist faces the demands and complications of balancing job, justice, and parenting.

4.    Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise

A Detective Inspector from London is sent to the Caribbean island of Saint-Marie to investigate and solve brutal killings.

5.    Killing Eve

Killing Eve

After several incidents, a security operative and an assassin’s life become inexorably entwined.


BBC iPlayer is one of the famous UK-based streaming platforms but is only accessible to UK residents and is not available in Canada without VPN.

VPNs are the true bastions of the Internet. Geo-restrictions like BBC iPlayer Canada can easily be bypassed, and you’ll be free to stream your favorite content in no time.

Wondering what VPN works with BBC iPlayer? Well, the short and simple answer is Ivacy VPN. So, what’s stopping you from a bag of chips and an entertaining show on the TV? Stream now!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BBC iPlayer VPN not working, what to do?

BBC iPlayer uses strict measures to identify VPNs. Most free VPNs fall victim to it and get caught quickly, so we recommend using a premium VPN like Ivacy VPN to bypass the geo-blocks imposed by BBC iPlayer.

Is BBC iPlayer free?

Yes, BBC iPlayer is a free streaming service offering live and catch-up TV from all BBC channels, including BBC Two, BBC One, BBC Four, BBC Three, CBBC, Radio 1, and BBC News.

Is BBC iPlayer available in Canada?

No. Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is unavailable in Canada; it is a UK-based streaming service only for the UK audience.  However,  you can access BBC iPlayer in Canada on any device using Ivacy VPN.

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