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Learn How to Stop Buffering on Kodi with This Handy Guide

We said it before and we will say this again, Kodi is an excellent media platform when it comes to streaming your favorite content. It packs everything from Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer combined. Although, it is by no means a flawless media player.

It has its limitations though. Kodi is dependent on addons and repositories. If a certain repository is down or a particular addon is taken down, you will have not playable streams at your disposal. Furthermore, Kodi is frowned upon by many due to its ability to stream content for free.

Therefore, it is important to use a VPN for staying under the radar and stream content without worrying about getting a DMCA notice. But apart from that, there is another issue which is of technical nature. And it is a recurring issue among users. It’s buffering.

So how can you put an end to continuous buffering issues? Well, read on to find out.

Why is Buffering on Kodi a Big Deal?

If you are a fan of movies and TV shows and wants to watch it with complete peace of mind, buffering won’t allow you to do so. As it will continue to lag and stutter. What is that movie watching experience? Moreover, if you are into live sports, again, with stuttering stream it will do you no good.

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Buffering by definition means that video segments are transferred even before the player starts to show them. That is when the problem arises.

What are the Reasons for Buffering Issues?

The million dollar question is why does it happen in the first place? It happens for a number of reasons.

  • It could be due to poor network speed. Anything below 5 Mbps will result in buffering as streaming demands high bandwidth.
  • On the other hand, the issue could also be with your streaming device, router or even due to antivirus app as it sucks your system resources, dry.

At the end of the day, it becomes too much to handle and inadvertently leads to delays. so what can you do to bypass this? We have listed a couple of solutions that will enable you to bid farewell to stuttering issues. If a solution does not work out for you, it is better to give another one a go. Point being, you will eventually learn to get rid of buffering.

Solution 1: Scaling Issues

It is important to note that there are no scaling issues at your end. This has nothing do with your actual buffering issue although can help you in setting things straight for yourself. When you try and scale low definition to stream in high definition, the issue occurs.

So what to do?

  1. Launch Kodi and go to the Settings menu
  2. Under Player Settings option toggle gear icon left
  3. It will show Expert
  4. Now head to the Videos section
  5. Look for the menu called Processing and then choose Enable HQ scalers for scaling above
  6. A sliding scale will let you tone it from 20%, 15% or 10%

After that, if the streams have improved this means HQ scaling was the culprit all along.

Solution 2: Altering Video Cache

If Solution 1 does not bring results then this means that you might need to play around with video cache settings on your Kodi. Here’s how it is done.

The ideal way to do this is by increasing Kodi’s cache size. Download repository Ares Wizard which can be found here which can be added via Kodi File Manager.

  1. On Settings tab go to File Manager
  2. Choose Add Source
  3. Copy and paste the link above and give a name to your source, say “Ares”
  4. From there, go to Addons and on Addon browser, select to Install from zip file
  5. Navigate to the desired zip file
  6. After that, addon enabled notification will be displayed signaling that Ares Wizard has successfully installed
  7. Open Ares Wizard and under tweaks menu access Advanced Settings Wizard
  8. Press Next and then Generate Settings
  9. Choose mode 2 therein and press Apply These Settings

Your Kodi cache stands expanded and you can now check whether your streams have improved. If this doesn’t prove to be your Kodi fix then maybe it is because of your ISP.

Solution 3: Ivacy VPN

ISPs could very well be the cause of buffering issues. How do you ask? ISPs try to throttle speeds to your streaming because that way they try to reduce their overall bandwidth consumption. This affects your streaming experience and you face stutters.

Best way to avoid this is by employing a decent VPN such as Ivacy. When you use a VPN service, your IP address is masked and your web presence becomes invisible to anyone who might be snooping on your online activities including your ISP.

A different IP address is assigned which makes your location untraceable. Consequently, ISPs won’t be able to throttle your speed letting you enjoy full-fledged streaming quality.

In conclusion

And that brings us to a close of our article. Hopefully, you will now be able to get past buffering issues on Kodi. If problems still persist, remember to employ Ivacy VPN for all your streaming and privacy needs while over the internet.

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