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How to get the Cheapest Netflix Subscription with Ivacy VPN


Dear Netflix geeks,

It’s time to rejoice. Now you can access Netflix to stream your favorite movies, original series, TV shows from anywhere in the world. Netflix has launched its online streaming services in 130 countries.

Netflix is on a mission to conquer the world of online streaming. In a short span of 18 years, Netflix has successfully managed to expand its streaming services to 190 countries of the world.

With 70 million members, enjoying 125 hours of pure entertainment in 190 countries, Netflix, the world’s most famous online streaming service provider has already stamped the authority on the online entertainment market with its presence in major countries of the world.  

On Wednesday, Netflix announced to launch its online streaming services in 130 countries of the world, including India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Russia, etc. This expansion is a part of the vision that Netflix has pursued to provide access to online streaming for people living in 200 countries by the end of 2016. Before, Wednesday, Netflix streaming services were available in 60 countries only, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. to name a few.

On the historic occasion, the Chief Executive Officer, Reed Hastings said,

“From today onwards, we will listen and we will learn, gradually adding more languages, more content and more ways for people to engage with Netflix,”

“We’re looking forward to bringing great stories from all over the world to people all over the world”, he further exclaimed.

Now the users, living around the world can access to Netflix originals and other TV shows and movies without any fuss. Remember you have to pay a price to enjoy the Netflix streaming services.

How to get the Cheapest Price?

The price varies for different regions. For instance, a Basic account in US will cost you $7.99, on the other hand, if you are accessing Netflix from Brazil, the same account will cost you $4.89 (BRL 19.90). That’s around 39% cheaper! We have compiled a list containing all the prices across different regions, Brazil turned out to be the cheapest of them all. The price you are paying is also a recurring one which means that you’ll have to pay the same price on every Netflix account renewal. 

Country Basic Standard Premium
United States US$ 7.99 US$ 9.99 US$ 11.99
United Kingdom GBP5.99 (US$ 8.73) GBP7.49 (US$ 10.92) GBP8.99 (US$ 13.11)
Canada US$ 7.99 US$ 9.99 US$ 11.99
Australia A$8.99 (USD6.30) A$11.99 (USD8.40) A$14.99 (USD10.50)
Belgium EUR 7.99 (US$ 8.67) EUR 9.99 (US$ 10.84) EUR 11.99 (US$ 13.01)
Brazil BRL 19.90 (US$ 4.89) BRL 22.90 (US$ 5.63) BRL 29.90 (US$ 7.35)
Czech Republic EUR 7.99 (US$ 8.67) EUR 9.99 (US$ 10.84) EUR 11.99 (US$ 13.01)
Denmark DKK 79 (US$ 11.49) DKK 89 (US$ 12.95) DKK119 (US$17.31)
Germany EUR 7.99 (US$ 8.67) EUR 9.99 (US$ 10.84) EUR 11.99 (US$ 13.01)
Hong Kong HK$ 63 (US$ 8.13) HK$ 78 (10.06) HK$ 93 (12.00)
India Rs. 500 (US$ 7.47) Rs. 650 (US$ 9.71) Rs. 800 (US$ 11.95)
Indonesia IDR 109 (US$ 7.82) IDR 139 (US$ 9.98) IDR 169 (US$ 12.13)
Italy EUR 7.99 (US$ 8.67) EUR 9.99 (US$ 10.84) EUR 11.99 (US$ 13.01)
Netherlands EUR 7.99 (US$ 8.67) EUR 9.99 (US$ 10.84) EUR 11.99 (US$ 13.01)
Russian Federation EUR 7.99 (US$ 8.67) EUR 9.99 (US$ 10.84) EUR 11.99 (US$ 13.01)
Saudi Arabia US$ 7.99 US$ 9.99 US$ 11.99
Singapore SG$ 10.98 (US$ 7.65) SG$ 13.98 (US$ 9.74) SG$ 16.98 (US11.83)
South Africa US$ 7.99 US$ 9.99 US$ 11.99
South Korea (Republic of Korea) US$ 7.99 US$ 9.99 US$ 11.99
Sweden SEK 79 (US$ 9.24) SEK 99 (US$ 11.58) SEK 119 (US$ 13.91)
Switzerland CHF 11.90 (US$ 11.89) CHF 14.90 (US$ 14.89) CHF 17.90 (US$ 17.88)
Turkey EUR 7.99 (US$ 8.67) EUR 9.99 (US$ 10.84) EUR 11.99 (US$ 13.01)

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Netflix library varies from region to region?

The amount of content available on Netflix varies with the region. For instance, 1594 Titles are available in Netflix-Australia, whereas, 6382 Titles are available in Netlfilx-US. Hence, a person accessing Netflix from US will have a much bigger library of titles at his disposal. Here’s a list of some countries with the number of Netflix titles available:

  • United States – 6382
  • United Kingdom – 2660
  • Canada – 3628
  • Argentina – 3210
  • Australia – 1594
  • Brazil – 3350
  • Denmark – 2143
  • Finland – 2095
  • France – 1887
  • Germany – 1820
  • Italy – 1177
  • Netherlands – 1910
  • New Zealand – 2030

The content will also change from time to time in order to keep local users interested in using the Netflix streaming service.

In order to stream Netflix programs at flawless speed, without any buffering, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) such as Ivacy. A VPN not only provides fast and flawless streaming, but also keeps you anonymous, while you watch Netflix programs online.

Avoid speed throttling by ISPs using Ivacy VPN and watch Netflix shows without any interruption. If you are searching around to get the cheapest Netflix subscription, then Ivacy VPN is the best choice for you. It offers you the best Netflix streaming experience at the cheapest price. Ivacy VPN offers a wholesome 85% discount on its annual subscription plan, that brings down the monthly subscription fee to just $ 1.83.

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