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How to change your Netflix region | Netflix location changer


Can’t find anything to watch on Netflix? We get you! Even though Netflix hosts a high-quality collection of shows and movies, its limited. This is why movie and show-lovers often run out of things to watch after spending a little too much time on Netflix.

If you’ve reached that point, we’ll let you in on a little secret: there are hundreds of shows and movies that are blocked in different countries so that no one outside a particular region can access them. That’s not all, there are different ways to access them! All you need to do is to find out how to change Netflix region.

If you think about it, you’ve probably already come across these ‘hidden shows’ on social media, or heard from friends or on other platforms. If there has ever been a time when you saw post on Netflix Facebook, that showed a movie trailer to a movie that didn’t show up on your app when you searched for it?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about!

Interested in learning how to change Netflix region and unblock this pot of gold full of incredible new movies and shows that are just waiting for you to watch them? Let’s get you up to speed on how to do that and why you need to change Netflix region in the first place.

Why you need to change Netflix region

So, remember how we talked about some shows being blocked because they are only supposed to be available in certain regions? This happens due to licensing agreements, among other reasons. The page or movie/show you’re trying to load draws up as blank because the platform knows what part of the world, you’re operating from makes sure to show you content that is available to only your IP address.

A simple streaming VPN can solve this problem. If you’ve have been looking for ways on how to change Netflix region, this is will also solve this problem and make you appear like you’re loading up the site from a different country, unblocking the country’s content to you.

This means that you can essentially watch content from any country that you wish to by connecting to a server located in that. Sounds simple enough? It’s not really! As technology has grown smarter, so have websites and platforms. This means that most popular streaming services like Netflix can detect that you’re using a VPN.

This makes it important to use one that are advanced enough to bypass these filters. If you’re wondering how to change Netflix region by using a reliable service, keep reading on.

How to change Netflix region in 4 steps

Here are four simple steps that will help you change your Netflix region.

  1. Sign up for an Ivacy VPN account.
  2. Download the app that is relevant to your platform
  3. Switch to US or select Netflix from the streaming section in the application.
  4. Unblock blocked libraries and content, and enjoy!

How many Netflix libraries can I unblock with Ivacy VPN

When you’re looking for how to change Netflix region using a VPN, it is important to know how many libraries will the service be able to unlock. If you’re looking to use Ivacy, you can rest assured that it can unblock up to 15 Netflix libraries for you.

This means that you can enjoy content that is specific to 15 different countries, all while sitting in your own! If you feel like you’ve run out of things to watch and are looking for how to change Netflix region to get hold of some fresh new movies and shows to watch, you won’t be running out of things to keep you entertained for a long, long time with Ivacy.

Unblock Netflix on 10 Devices at the same time

Wondering how to change Netflix region on multiple devices at once? We get you! Often times we aren’t really using Netflix on one device. Instead, we keep switching between several different devices depending on the level of comfort we’re trying to achieve.

For example, we might use our phones and tablets to watch our favorite series on the train to and back from work to school. When we’re looking for some entertainment at home, we might turn to our Android TVs to watch Netflix, and yet again, we sometimes might even want to access Netflix on our FireStick.

To be able to watch your shows and movies across multiple devices, you’ll need to figure out how to change Netflix region on these multiple platforms. If you haven’t found the answer, here’s one that might be satisfactory: Ivacy let’s you log in from up to ten different devices at a single time.

This means that if you’ve subscribed to Ivacy VPN, you can change Netflix region on up to ten different devices at the same time. From the many devices that are supported by Ivacy, here is a rundown of ten of our favorite ones—and we’re hoping yours too!

Windows PCs and Laptops


There are very few homes in the world that don’t have a single Windows PC or laptop in today’s world. Even at the houses of die-hard MacOS and iPhones fans, there’s always a backup windows machine lying around somewhere.

Because of the ease of operating, the cost-effectiveness, and the ease of repairs, Windows are a fairly popular platform and it only makes sense that if you’re looking for how to change Netflix region, you’d want a method that works for windows too.

The good news is that Ivacy works on Windows spectacularly. Here’s where to download Ivacy for Windows.



Are you an Android person? If you are, we’re not in the least surprised. Due to the vast amount of features offered, the budget-friendliness, and the variety, it’s a smart smartphone choice to opt for. If you’re looking for how to change Netflix region on your Android, we’ll have you know that Ivacy has a dedicated downloadable application for Android!

This will let you change Netflix region on your android device and unblock up to 15 libraries to let you watch your favorite movies and TV shows to your heart’s content. Want to download Ivacy for android? Here’s the download link.




Ivacy not only lets you secure your iPhones by letting you surf securely and anonymously by hiding your original IP address but also makes sure that you never have to get bored by letting you unblock up to 15 Netflix content libraries. If you’re looking for how to change Netflix region on iPhone, Ivacy VPN is a great streaming VPN to turn to.

Ivacy’s subscription plan comes with a 7-day risk-free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test the features and competency out for yourself before making the final commitment to the application.

Ready to download one of the best Netflix location changer VPN applications on your iPhone? Use this link to download Ivacy for iOS.



Next to Windows PCs and laptops, Macbooks are only the second most popular computer devices, all thanks to Steve Jobs and the brand he developed. If you’re looking for a simple method on how to change Netflix region on your Macbook, the Ivacy application for Mac is one of the most highly recommended Netflix location changer applications out there.

Not only will this let you make sure you’re connected to the internet safely from your Macbook by masking your IP address, but it will also make sure that you have access to tons of new documentaries, shows, and movies on Netflix that you couldn’t watch before.

Watch shows and movies not available in your country using Ivacy VPN! Intrigued and want to try it out? Download the application for Mac here.

Android TV


If you have an Android TV, chances are that you love watching some of your favorite shows and movies on the big screen—and if you’re looking for how to change Netflix region, Netflix is probably your go-to website to access on your Android TV.

If that is the case, and you’ve Googled “how to change your Netflix region” enough times to watch shows and movies that are blocked in your country on your Android TV, your search ends here. With Ivacy’s dedicated VPN application for Android TV, not only can you access up to 15 different content libraries that were previously unavailable to you, but you can also do it safely, without putting your online security at risk.

Want to try it out and give it a shot? Download the application here and try our 7-day risk-free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.



Do you know what’s better than setting up a VPN on your PC or cell phone device? Setting up a VPN on your router. If you’re looking for how to change Netflix region, there is no better way to do it simply and easily, than by configuring the Ivacy VPN on your router.

This will take away the need to separately connect to the VPN from every single device, and make sure that your communication with the internet is safe and secure from the moment you load up a website to the minute you shut down your device.

Want to configure the Ivacy VPN on your router? Use this guide!



Love using your Amazon FireStick? We’re not surprised. It is without a shred of a doubt one of the best ways to stay on top of entertainment, your favorite shows, and the latest movies. The best thing about the Amazon FireStick device is that it lets you connect to your Netflix and watch high-quality, original TV shows and movies that were created only for the Netflix platform.

If you’ve run out of things to watch and are now looking for how to change Netflix region to unlock content libraries that aren’t available to you on FireStick, try Ivacy VPN. With its dedicated FireStick application, you won’t need to Google, “how to change your Netflix region” again.

Want to download Ivacy for FireStick? Download it here!



If you didn’t already know this, the Xbox let’s you do far more than just act as a console to let you play your favorite games—like letting you watch the movies and shows you’ve been trying to get your hands on, on Netflix.

There’s only one problem though, Netflix has several libraries that can’t be accessed outside of specific regions, and the only way to access these are to change your Netflix region. If you’re looking for how to change Netflix region on Xbox, here’s an idea: try Ivacy for Xbox!

With this, you can stop wondering ‘how to change my Netflix region’, unblock all the content libraries that have been holding you back from making the most of your Netflix subscription, and enjoy, for real!

Use this link to download Ivacy for Xbox.

Linux Devices


Linux devices are less popular but are also some of the most reliable devices. If you’ve been wondering ‘how to change my Netflix region’ to watch Netflix on your Linux without limits and bounds, Ivacy VPN is a great choice.

Coming with a 7-day risk-free trial, loads of advanced security features, and even a 30-day money-back guarantee, there are not many VPNs that offer the same in the same affordable price range. If you’re looking for ways on how to change Netflix region, download the Ivacy application for Linux here.

Huawei Phones


Use a Huawei Phone? Don’t worry! We’ve even got you covered here. If you’re wondering how to change Netflix region on a Huawei, you can use this link to download the application. With a smart connect feature, channel streaming without buffering, a zero-logs policy, and the ability to connect to over a thousand servers across more than a hundred different locations, this is one of the best ways to change Netflix region!

How to Fix the Netflix proxy error

Tried using Ivacy as a recommended method for how to change Netflix location only to run into a proxy error? We get it. Read our guide; Netflix Proxy Error Fixed with a Netflix VPN – Updated 2020’ for a full walk-through.

What else can I do with Ivacy Netflix VPN

Wondering if there are other things that you can do with the Netflix VPN besides using it to change Netflix location? Here are more sites that you can unblock with it.



Hulu is currently available to only the United States, however, if you don’t live in the US, you can use Ivacy to unblock Hulu and enjoy unlimited ad-free content. Visit Hulu here.

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Amazon Prime


Is Amazon Prime not available in your country? You can always use Ivacy to unblock it from anywhere in the world and enjoy platform-specific content. Visit Amazon Prime here.

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BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer is a service that is currently limited to people living in the United Kingdom, however if you want to be able to access it outside the UK, give Ivacy VPN a shot. Try BBC iPlayer here.

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If you don’t have HBO Max available in your region and you don’t want to miss iconic shows like Gossip Girl, try Ivacy VPN to unblock it! Check out HBO Max here.

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Figured out how to change Netflix region using Ivacy! Enjoy shows to your heart’s content! If you haven’t downloaded Ivacy yet, use this link to access the download page without having to scroll up again!

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