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How To Avoid Marvel’s Avengers Endgame Spoilers: New Footage Leak


Marvel’s Avengers is less than 10 days away from being shown on the silver-screen, and while we can’t wait to lay our eyes on Team Marvel taking out Thanos in this final Avengers showdown, it’s also worth mentioning how people are actually trying to not take a peek at any Avengers footage until screening of the movie.

The reason why Marvel fans are so united in trying to boycott the social media until are April 27th is because apparently, there’s a leaked footage of Avengers: Endgame where some stills are shown that unveil some of the key elements of the plot and tells us a lot about how the movie is possibly going to flow, thus taking out half of the fun in the movie.
Needless to say, some of these scenes rubbed Avengers fans the wrong way and they’re now taking it up to social media to boycott everything Avengers until 27th April. This just doesn’t include Avengers hashtags and alerts on social media, it goes as far as to boycott the whole social media for another ten days at least.

What Action Is Marvel Taking

Marvel isn’t just sitting in silence. They’re saying Thanos still demands silence and so people should respect it and not leak important parts of the movie. But that’s just not it, Marvel has been taking down leaked clips from all over the web. So if you are keen on having a look at those moments very few people have seen yet, check out the linked video.
Most recently, Directors of the Avengers: Endgame, Russo brothers have tweeted an image where they’ve asked people to not spoil the Avengers for others when they wouldn’t want others to spoil their experience.

How To Avoid Marvel’s Avengers Endgame Spoilers

With that said, some of the tips to utilize in order to protect yourself from Avengers Endgame include:

• Mute Avengers, Marvel and Endgame keywords on Twitter
• Avoid Subreddits like SquaredCircle, 4chan, classic4chan, boxoffice, MarvelStudiosSpoilers and ImGoingToHellForThis
• Don’t access Tumblr because there’s no silver bullet for muting memes and images on Tumblr
• Get keyword blocker extensions or apps to set alerts on facebook and other social websites
But, if you are here for the spoilers then you will find it in the section below. If you don’t want it to be spoiled, then please don’t proceed any further.

What’s in the Leaked Footage and Where to Watch It (Beware of Spoilers)

*SPOILER ALERT* Tony, Cap and Thor are roaming the streets with a semi-transformed Hulk AKA Professor Hulk in his glasses and Tank top. The video continues and in the next still, we see a fully transformed Hulk wrecking up things in the street. The video is basically composed of different stills from different parts of the movie. We get to see some of the now-vanished characters, as well as a new Infinity Gauntlet, wielded by someone other than Thanos.

Based on the leaked images, clips and the information, here is what we have so far:
• Professor Hulk now sounds like the Bruce Banner, and can speak full sentences.
• Some of the Avengers including Tony and Steve head back in time to New York to retrieve the mind, space, and time stone where Captain fights his past self.
• Thor has fallen into a depressive, drunk state and is living with Korg and Miek when Hulk and Rocket go to retrieve him.
• Tony calls Rocket “Ratchet,” as in Ratchet and Clank and Rocket responds with “you’re only a genius on Earth.”
• Hulk tried to wield the gauntlet created by Shuri and Iron Man, but it looks to be too powerful even for the Invincible Hulk.
• Steve holds both his shield and Mjolnir and uses them to pound Thanos.
• The first Avenger to come back from the ashes is Falcon, who says “On Your Left,” to Steve, and then we see T’challa, Shuri and Okoye making their way out of the portal.
• There’s also a scene with pretty much every one from the Avengers, including Wasp, the Guardians, Spider-Man, and others taking on vs Thanos and the revived Black Order
• Captain America finally gets to say “Avengers Assemble!”
• Stark reunites with Peter and gives him a hug
• We also see Captain Marvel in a pixie haircut asking Peter for the Gauntlet

And based on everything we know now, this is how the story possibly flows:

• Captain America and Stark unite
• They travel back in time to gather the stones
• In some battle, Thanos’ gauntlet gets damaged
• The Avengers gets a hold of that Gauntlet and uses them to recreate one of their own
• Hulk tries to wield it but apparently fails
• The team finds a way to bring back the vanished Avengers, presumably using the reconstructed Gauntlet
• The Avengers return to take on Thanos
• Thanos brings in his army
• Captain America bashes Thor with Mjolnir and his shield
• After the battle, Stark and Spider-Man unite
• Captain Marvel asks Spider-Man for the damaged gauntlet


So there you go. So many key events that when thought about for a second, make so much sense and wove a lot of the elements together, thus explaining why people are trying to avoid these spoilers altogether.
So if you’re an Avenger fan and just want to avoid these moments, please let others know how they can avoid those moments. And If you are an Avenger fan that wants to know what’s new in these clips, share the post so people can read it out themselves.

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