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How GDPR Will Effect Facebook and Google

Google and Facebook will have to deal with the GDPR compliance, which will come into effect in May 2018.  However, if you are new to GDPR, and are not sure what it is, click here to learn more.

That being said, lets take a look at how GDPR will effect Facebook and Google.

How GDPR Will Effect Facebook and Google?

Once the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into effect, Google nor Facebook will be able to hold any information pertaining to users for advertising purposes without their authorization.

This is quite the dilemma, especially since Facebook and Google cannot use the ‘service-wide’ opt-in to gain permission. At the same time, they cannot deny their services to users that opt-out. Keeping this in mind, it is not hard to see how this will disrupt their business models.

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Data Protection at its Finest

When users use Facebook or Google, they are willingly disclosing their personal information. These businesses have every right to process the data provided to offer the best possible experience. But due to GDPR, these businesses will no longer be able to use the data provided for any other purpose apart from what users permit.

GDPR pushes for ‘purpose limitation’, which endorses data collection for legitimate, explicit and specified purposes. Unfortunately for Google and Facebook, they cannot overcome this problem with non-specific, broad consent requests. The data protection regulation is quite clear in what is expected i.e. proper reasoning for any and all requests to access for personal information.

Basically, consent is the name of the game, without which Facebook and Google will have to resort to new strategies to make ends meet.

It is safe to say internet users residing in the EU, at least for now, will enjoy greater transparency like never before. Moreover, they will never have to worry about their information landing in the wrong hands ever again. At the same time, companies will have to think twice before misusing any information provided.

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What New Rights do People Get?

If you are wondering what rights people will get from the stringent data protection laws once they come into effect, you will be pleased to know there are many, which are as follows:

  • Right to be forgotten – You can request for your online presence to be deleted for good. If you don’t, as soon as the purpose for obtaining your data is complete, it will be removed automatically.
  • Right to be informed – You will be given explicit details regarding what your data will be used for. Meaning if you don’t like something, you can simply reject any request for information right away.
  • Access and amendment – Any data held on you will be available for you to access. You will be able to get hold of said data with ease, and can even make changes if need be.
  • Right to object – If you want to opt-out of all forms of marketing, you will be able to do so. You will also be a watchdog of your own data privacy.
  • Restricted processing – If you so desire, you can restrict businesses from processing your personal data. Instead of deleting your data completely, you can restrict it instead.
  • Portability – Data subjects can access their personal data whenever they want for their own needs and requirements. Access will be provided safely and securely, that too free of cost.

Of course, not all businesses will be able to comply by the GDPR guidelines immediately. It will take some time before they are able to take the appropriate steps to do as they are asked. In the meantime, you can protect yourself by using a VPN.

By using a VPN, like Ivacy VPN, you will remain safe, secure and anonymous at all times. In fact, your ISP will not have access to your internet traffic either. Since prevention is better than cure, it is imperative you take precautionary measures on your own before the GDPR comes fully into effect.

In conclusion, now that you know how GDPR will effect Facebook and Google, you now know where you stand. Just make sure you take your privacy seriously, since it is an issue that can have serious repercussions. If you want, you can further bolster your online security and privacy by using a VPN, like Ivacy VPN.

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