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Google Seeks To “Improve” Your Family In Favor Of Privacy


Technology has improved our lives for the better? You don’t have to answer. Just consider the question for a moment. If it has, then do you think it has also guarded your privacy in the process? Again, you don’t have to answer. Just ponder.

Gadgets such as Smart Speakers and the phenomenon called the Internet of Things raises BIG question marks over the aspect of user privacy.

The extent of privacy leak or invasion may be limited at this time since as users, we have only begun to rely so heavily on such technology but little do we know, we are inadvertently surrendering our lives to a form of surveillance.

Who is to say that when these devices become exceedingly powerful, they won’t take over humanity? Okay, this is a bit far-fetched, but hey James Cameron warned us 35 years ago of an incoming age of machines with The Terminator.

Is Judgment Day Happening

Far from it. It’s not a movie, it’s real life. But the events have somehow unfolded as if it were a scene from a film. If you find user agreements boring, you are not alone. However, if we were to talk about Google’s patent application and its parade of “smart” devices, you will notice something startling.

What is it?

It says “Smart-home automation system that suggests or automatically implements selected household policies based on sensed observations”. This only the title and the patent application is 54 pages in length. No matter, how dry the content appears to be, remember it’s to throw you off guard.

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Or if you are clever enough, you can sit through and read it in its entirety and see for yourself. Still, you are in luck because we have and we are here to enlighten you. If you read the patent’s title above, in quotations, again you will learn where is it that we are headed.

Smart-home automation system that suggests or automatically implements selected household policies based on sensed observations

Time To Break It Down

Let us break it down for you. Today’s Smart Speakers are only designed to analyze sounds but if understood in tandem with the patent, it extends beyond (merely) monitoring sounds. Google instead want to monitor from acceleration, humidity, supplied power, external motion, sound signals to light signals, smoke, carbon monoxide, radio frequency, and electromagnetic fields etc.

That’s a lot to digest. We’ll give you a moment to go through all of the listed aspects one more time.

Now that you have read it, it is time we share some excerpts from the patent of how it provides us with a walkthrough of what can be expected from Google’s several apps in different areas.

  • In the dining room:


  • In the study (and no, not your bathroom):

The mention of a “household policy manager” is alarming, meaning the data gathered is sent back to a manager who’ll be looking after it. If this manager is somehow Skynet level advanced, it can keep tabs on how someone in the household is doing, emotionally. Scary, eh?

  • Not just chores: 
  • But conversations, as well, herein referred to as “assertions” (oh, Google):

So from the looks of it, even if you were to express anger or behave rashly, Google will know due to its eavesdropping habit via its “smart” devices. That person will be closely monitored by the household policy manager. Of course, this will all be done in the name of improvement – “helping you and your family grow together in a more stable environment”.

In short, you’d be living in a Google house with its “smart-home automation system” at the helm. So bid farewell to privacy, welcome spying. Yes, we used the word ‘spy’ with an ‘ing’, alright. It’s like tapping phones and bugging the house for whereabouts of Pablo Escobar by DEA or the FBI.

Narcos, anyone?

What Does The Future Hold For Me

Well, Google will aim to conquer every angle of your life and that of your family. As opposed to humans in charge of observation, Google does not need to eat nor sleep and neither experiences fatigue. Hence why, the monitoring will be constant, without fail.

Good or bad, you decide. It largely comes down to how much value you attach to your privacy online. Heck, Google will as part of its domestic surveillance (to put it plainly), will know if your children have finished their homework or are they getting enough exercise or do they spend too much time on gadgets and so on.

You will be able to configure certain targets for your children and when they fail to meet them, Google will be able to restrict them or take away their privileges. Come to think of it, it will be the collapse of our society as we know it. Machine learning superseding parenting.

And that’s just one example.

To Wrap It Up

If this feels like something you’d be comfortable with, Google Home is the way forward for you. If not, then you are not living in the Matrix. Congratulations! You’re finally awake and have snapped out of the dream. “Smiths” will be on your trail now. Better get ready and equip yourself with a VPN and become the One.

With a VPN service such as Ivacy, you can mask your real IP address and secure your internet privacy. VPN lets you stay online and surf the web under the radar. You will be impervious to any prying eyes and data snoopers; government surveillance, ISP, or in this case, Google.

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