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Google Launches Google Allo – A Messaging App with End-to-End Encryption

Google Allo

First it was WhatsApp, then it was Viber, and now it’s Google – the search engine giant that has come up with its own messaging app – Google Allo.

Google Allo – the messaging app provides end-to-end encryption facility to its users. The company announced the launch on Wednesday, during the Developers’ Conference. This announcement has come two months after British newspaper Guardian, revealed that Google and WhatsApp will launch applications with stronger encryption settings in near future.

Unlike WhatsApp and Viber, Google Allo only operates in ‘incognito mode’. Therefore, if a user wants to take advantage of end-to-end encryption, one needs to operate the app in ‘incognito’ mode.

With Google’s entry into the end-to-end encryption bandwagon, it surely will become difficult for the law enforcement agencies to decode the encrypted messages of the users. It is important to note the timing of Google Allo’s launch. Just after a month following the Apple-FBI feud, Google has now become the latest giant to offer end-to-end encryption facility to its users.

WhatsApp and Viber use somewhat strong encryption mode, while Google Appo will not use strong encryption by default. Technology experts have termed Google’s new launch as ‘a bit too late and not that much user friendly’.

“This is too little, too late,” said Christopher Soghoian, a technologist with the American Civil Liberties Union. “Users will only get the encryption benefits first by seeking out the app, and then by turning on the incognito mode”, he added.

It is interesting to note the Google does mine users’ data to target advertising market, but the fact remains that this end-to-end encryption might make it even harder for users to search and access their past messages.

Will Google manage to penetrate the end-to-end encryption market? Only time will tell. Let’s wait and watch.

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