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Does Kodi Still Work? Get Kodi Up And Running With This Guide


Kodi is an open source media platform which is very much alive and working. You can play all of your media with the help of Kodi addons be it streaming of live sports, watching your favorite movies or TV shows in addition to anime and cartoons.

So what’s with if Kodi is still working?

Well, to answer that you first have to understand the waters Kodi software finds itself in. Kodi add-ons have come long under fire from authorities on the grounds of facilitating illegal streaming and piracy. However, Kodi itself doesn’t fuel the use of unofficial add-ons rather there are official add-ons that can be subscribed to for a safer experience.

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But since they are paid, fans and developers around the world have long resorted to relying on add-ons that gives them free access to their favorite content, no matter where they are. Also, due to geo-restrictions, certain content is unavailable in many regions even if you have a subscription.

Add-ons therefore coupled with a good VPN can help you unlock banned content.

Probable Causes

So that was a little history which begs to be answered. Still, the debate is not limited to the status of the legality of Kodi. The issue expands to a number of other reasons as well.

1. Kodi Setup

Kodi setup has to do with the version of the software you have installed on your system. Roughly speaking, Kodi releases its latest build or version with every passing year. So if you think Kodi is down, it is because you don’t have the latest in Kodi installed.

New version or build comes with new features that are compatible with different OS and devices. Moreover, there are updates to backend drivers and dependencies which comes bundled in Kodi.

Let us explain it with an example.

For example, Android TV OS and hardware gets updated every year so to keep up with a better and faster system, Kodi for Android needs to be updated as well. Therefore, with an outdated Kodi version, you cannot access Kodi on your Android TV.

It’s all about compatibility at the end of the day.

Secondly, dependencies and backend drivers, as mentioned above, needs to be updated as well in accordance with changing technology. These help display media and processes content while at the same time taking care of bugs and errors in the software. Without the latest version, these services do not become updated.

Another example is that of HTTPS websites. Most websites have switched to HTTPS protocol which is safe and thus, if you are on Kodi v. 16, HTTPS is not supported therein. Any installed addon on Kodi 16 trying to capture streams from an HTTPS website will fail to function. Naturally.

2. Installation from Unknown Sources

Whenever you try to install unofficial Kodi add-ons, you have to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ from Kodi settings. Official Kodi add-ons are tested and are made sure that they work seamlessly in the environment they are meant to operate in whereas unofficial ones tend to be unstable and not tested.

Although you get free access to the wealth of content it comes with a price. If the repository has shut down or a crackdown by authorities has resulted, the addon won’t function and you might start to think as if Kodi is not working.

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A classic example is that of Exodus addon which was a revered one among fans of the Kodi. Overnight the repository shut down and the world was thrown into the chaos. Fans couldn’t install Exodus let alone access their favorite channels/streams. Some repositories that were shut down included Super Repo, Kodil Repo etc.

Also, whenever Unknown Sources is on, along with the installation of add-ons, it is very likely that a set of modules also gets installed on your system. Developers claim they help to smooth out Kodi functionality,  however, no malicious intent has so far surfaced but who knows it has in the past and caused damaged but never got reported.

We do not CONDONE the use of unofficial add-ons. The idea behind is to merely educate. If you must, use Ivacy VPN.

3. Outdated Builds Or Content Unavailability

Same is the case with a Kodi builds. If a build is inactive, it is unlikely that addons which come installed with it will work. In that case, it is better to hand pick desired add-ons and install them on your Kodi device. Can’t call it Kodi’s fault if they are not working.

Sometimes the content is not available over the web that we are interested in without us realizing. And as specified previously, if the content is geo-restricted or blocked by your ISP, Kodi software is not to blame. Since Kodi is an extensive search engine of sorts, with add-ons such as The Movie DataBase and premium services such as Real-Debrid and Easynews there is a higher probability for you to find you are looking for.

How Can A Kodi VPN Help?

Kodi VPN is essential because it helps you to mask your IP address. Instead, a different IP is assigned so that you remain anonymous to anyone monitoring your internet activities. With a Kodi VPN, bid farewell to ISP throttling, government surveillance (Person of Interest anyone?), and to geo-restricted content.

Get impeccable unblocking power with Kodi VPN and bask in internet freedom as it was meant to.

If All Else Fails

Usually, if none of the above appears to be the reason and yet the Kodi seems to be not working, you can factory reset. Factory reset helps you resolve pretty much any issue you might be facing with Kodi. It is because every time you tend to install an addon, force an update, modifies a setting – the copy of data is getting stored on Kodi.

Things become outdated with time but those files, they remain there devouring Kodi from within. Thus, when you perform a factory reset, these matters get resolved. URLResolver dependency is addressed and you get improved streams, as a result. All in all, Kodi is restored to its original settings.

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