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Game of Thrones Torrent Leaked Season 8 1080p and 720p


Tempted to download Game Of Thrones Season 8 torrent?

GOT season 8 is right around the corner, and when it finally airs, the number of viewers will give testament to the fact that the show is by far the greatest there is and the greatest there ever will be. Seeing how big of a deal Game of Thrones is, it should not come as a surprise that people will be scrambling to watch the show no matter the means.

Game of Thrones torrent leaks is quite common, where entire episodes have been leaked online much before their air date. This makes it a viable option for those that can’t wait to see how the show will end.

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Game of Thrones Torrent Leak Season 8 Episode

Recently, a couple of Reddit posts claimed they managed to watch the first episode of season 8. This caused quite the frenzy, causing people to visit different torrent sites, looking for the torrent to lead them to their salvation. Whether the posts about the episode leak are right, that is debatable. At the same there, there are also posts discussing how there has been a leak regarding the script for the upcoming season.

If you do not want spoilers, do not click this link.

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Risks Associated with Downloading Game of Thrones Torrent Downloads

In their quest to watch the latest Game of Thrones episodes, many internet users make the terrible mistake of letting their guard down. They are careless about the type of sites they are visiting, leaving them open to attack.


Cybercriminals worldwide look for opportunities such as this to trick internet users into giving out their information. For instance, some cybercriminals will upload dummy torrents, which unsuspecting victims will then download. Said victims assume they are downloading the latest episode, but they are sorely mistaken, as they could quite possibly be downloading a virus or malware.

This way, cybercriminals can’t get their hands on private and confidential information, which means you could quickly become a victim of fraud, or worse, identity theft.

Surveillance Agencies

Believe it or not, there are other risks associated with Game of Thrones torrents. Apart from cybercriminals and hackers, you will be at risk of being monitored by surveillance agencies.

Surveillance agencies could monitor internet traffic, from which they can gather valuable information that can be misused without your authorization. If not for that, they could sell your information to third parties.

Everything you do online is valuable, you may not think much of it, but even your internet browsing history is of great use to third parties. For example, the browsing data they collect can be used to determine the type of ads that pop up while you browse the internet. This is just one example of how your own information can be used against you.

DMCA Notice

On the other hand, another risk associated with torrenting is a DMCA notice. Torrenting is not entirely legal, which means you could land in trouble for torrenting content online.  If caught, you will not only have to pay a fine, but you may also land in prison!

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Steer Clear of Fake News and Fake Sites

No matter how badly you want to watch Game of Thrones, you will need to be smart about what you do online.

You will come across plenty of news and download sites spreading misinformation about Game of Thrones free download, or entire episodes even for that matter. Legit or not, there is no point in putting yourself at tremendous risk. Logic dictates you be patient until the show is finally out.

The real problem lies if you are in a region where you are unable to access HBO. If that is the case, you will need to connect to a VPN server in the US, entirely possible with Ivacy VPN. For instructions on how to watch Game of Thrones online, click here.

Apart from unblocking access, the VPN also masks your internet traffic by assigning a new IP address to you. This way, cybercriminals, hackers, surveillance agencies, and even your own ISP will not be able to monitor your internet traffic.

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