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How To Watch Formula 1 Live Stream Online 2019 (Updated)

For fans, every Grand Prix Formula 1 event is usually a Super Bowl of sorts, an All-Star Game and a championship party bundled into one. As for those, living under a rock or if the aforesaid doesn’t excite them, Formula 1 live stream events take place like 20 times each year and that’s saying something!

The locales are perhaps the most vibrant ones in the whole world such as Abu Dhabi and Australia. F1 live stream fanatics do not even blink when it comes to the engine roaring action with tires squealing.

However, the question which needs answering here is how to watch Formula 1 live streaming free online? Without further ado, let’s find out.

The best way to stream Formula 1 online is by using a VPN. With a VPN, short for a virtual private network you are able to mask your IP address and in turn, secure your internet network by connecting from anywhere in the world.

You can utilize Ivacy VPN to watch the F1 live stream in a safe manner and in high definition. Select from over 1000 servers and 100+ locations to catch the action!

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A Little Bit About Formula 1 Live Stream Online 2019

The thrill and excitement – is at an all-time high for Formula 1 season of 2019 as a new set of rules are about to be executed. It will be the third time that the world championship will be contested in a total of 21 Grands Prix and across Europe, Asia, Americas, and Australia.

The tournament will officially commence will be from March 17th and onward. It will conclude on December 1st in Abu Dhabi. In between, it’s going to be China on April 14th and this will mark the 1000th Grand Prix event since its launch in 1950.

For longtime fans, as well as those seeking high octane car racing, it will be a disappointment if they are unable to watch the Formula 1 racing live. Not everybody can be present in the racing circuit/track to catch the action as it unfolds so below are alternative methods of watching the F1 live stream.

Watch Formula 1 Online With New Rules For 2019 And Beyond

Remember we talked about new rules. Well, they are as under.

  1. There will be changes to Safety Car regulations so as to make sure that drivers do not overtake Safety Car but at designated spots and only when it has returned to the pits. The rule is applicable on all three forms of restart.
  2. A team will now be responsible for properly vetting their cars before they are out on the track in the first place. Teams are advised to declare that they are in total conformity with the safety measures.
  3. And finally, the official end signal that finishes off the race will be a chequered light panel but you will still be able to view its flag.

Few technical regulations include:

  1. Mirror regulations will be modified and height for rear wing will be adjusted for safety and rear view visibility.
  2. An on-board camera will now favor TV spectacle more
  3. Endplate lights at the rear will be added so as to improve safety
  4. Lastly, minor tweaks will be made to halo fairing which will enhance driver safety when it comes to extraction

That’s all she wrote or shall we say, World Motor Sport Council (WMSC). Below is the schedule for the whole year.

You can catch the Formula 1 live stream via any of the following ways.

1. How to Watch F1 Live Stream Online in the UK

In the UK, Sky Sports and Channel 4 have the rights to broadcast Formula One Live Stream. Sky Sports provides you with three ways in which you can watch Formula 1 races; via Live TV, Sky Go (app) and through Now TV pass. If you happen to be located in the UK region, you can watch the races for a mere subscription of £45 per month.

But if you are located outside of the UK, you will not be able to access the content you desire. Same is the case with Channel 4. So the workaround to this is availing their respective free-to-air (FTA) broadcasting channel which is (as stated) free, although requires UK IP address to function.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Subscribe to Ivacy VPN
  • Download and install Ivacy on your preferred device or you can always configure it on your VPN compatible router
  • Connect to the UK server from within the app
  • Visit Sky Sports or Channel 4’s official website
  • Voila! You’re all set to enjoy the Formula 1 online

2. How to Watch Formula 1 Live Stream Online in Australia

In Australia, the official broadcast for Formula 1 live stream is Fox Sports. You can watch the F1 live stream in the following manner if you are located abroad.

  • Sign up for Ivacy VPN
  • Install Ivacy on your preferred device or you can always configure it on your VPN compatible router
  • Connect to Australia server from within the app
  • Visit Fox Sports AUS official website and sign in
  • Sit back and rejoice in F1 live stream free!

3. How to Watch Formula 1 Live Stream Online from Anywhere

NBC Sports has the rights to officially broadcast all the live action from the world of Formula 1 racing but the channel is US based which is why you will require US cable subscription. However, if you already own the subscription, you can simply access it from anywhere.

Here’s how:

  • Register and download Ivacy VPN
  • Install Ivacy on your preferred device such as PC, Xbox, and Mobile etc.
  • With Ivacy, select US region from among the list of servers
  • Once connected, head to NBC Sports US website and enter user credentials to watch the F1 live stream, straight away

Country Information and Streaming Companions for F1 Live Stream Online

Now that you know how you can watch Formula 1 online, it is equally imperative that we list down the streaming channels prevalent in other countries as well so you are aware where you can watch the F1 live stream free.

  1. In countries such as Germany, France, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, and Hungary you can watch Formula One live stream on F1 TV Pro for a price of $8-12
  2. Also in the US, you can access the Formula live stream action on ESPN Univision for free with TV Provider Subscription
  3. In Canada, via TSN and RDS for free with TV Subscription
  4. For the Russian region, we have Match TV which is free!
  5. Moreover, in the Middle East, BeIN Sports own the broadcasting means for Formula One live stream at a price of $10.83 per month

More channels can be found in the table below:

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A Fair Warning!

Streaming via illegal means can get you in hot water with the authorities and you can be served a DMCA notice. We, at Ivacy, do not condone the use of illegal streaming means rather always advise on using official channels to help both industry and the community to grow.

However, most paid subscriptions can prove to be unaffordable for the most and that is why free streaming techniques are resorted to. Again, we do not condone their use but if you must, might we suggest the affordable Ivacy VPN.

A VPN will mask your online identity against any surveillance; be it your government or ISP. Your IP address will remain hidden and you will appear anonymous to anyone who might be keeping tabs on your online activity. In addition, a VPN will protect you against hackers and data snoopers who may be after your sensitive data.

Therefore, be wise, employ Ivacy VPN and stream securely!

Devices to Watch Formula 1 Live Stream Online

You can watch the F1 live stream on a wide array of devices with Ivacy VPN. Devices include PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Linux, PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, and Firestick (TV) etc. In addition, Kodi is another excellent platform for catering your streaming needs.

It is important that we detail how you amplify your Formula 1 online experience on Kodi, given it is perhaps the largest open-source media streaming platform.

In short, Kodi functions based on different addons and in the text that follows you will find Kodi addons to watch the F1 live stream for free! We won’t be delving into the installation of these addons as that is, presently, outside the purview of this guide.

  • NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra is one of the outstanding Kodi addons for watching live sporting events, F1 live stream free included. You can download it from the official Kodi addon repository and it is pretty easy to set up.

This addon brings streams from licensed sources only plus there is no compromise on quality. However, if you are streaming outside of the US region, then Ivacy VPN is your best bet!

  • Sports 365 Live

Yet another popular addon for getting appropriate sports streams such as F1 live stream and many others including Tennis, Football, Hockey and you name it! The addon has only one dedicated channel for streaming of live sports, so the fans of sports are in luck with this.

  • Project Mayhem Sports

This addon is brought to you by the same set of developers who are behind the immensely successful Maverick addon. In addition to housing Formula 1 live stream, the addon also provides you with the access to BT Sports, Super Bowl, Sky Sports, Premier League, Sports Highlights, Martial Art Sections and much more!

You can also set up Kodi on your Android device and watch the Formula 1 live stream in a seamless manner.

Racer Standings

I think it’s time we learn who stands where in this Grand Prix event. The table below details Formula 1 live stream rankings for drivers after 17 races.

To Wrap It Up

This season it is the next level. Why you might ask? Because there are some serious modifications which are underway in terms of both engineering and design of the cars. The racer lineup, calendar, and logo have all been modified as well to garner more interest which will lead to increased viewership.

Ferrari and Mercedes will go head to head, Malaysian Grand Prix will be sorely missed and also the grid girls, yes you read that correctly. No more grid girls this season.

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