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Flixtor Alternatives – 12 Best sites like Flixtor to Stream Movies


If you’ve been a movie streaming fan for a long time, you’d know that back in 2018, Flixtor used to be the go-to website for streaming your favorite TV shows and movies. Remember, when we used to get back from school or college, throw our bags on the bed, log onto Flixtor and watch episode after episode of top shows?

Good times.

Unfortunately, in 2018 Flixtor suddenly went offline, with no news of when it will resurface again, leaving all its fans in a deep state of gloom. Quickly, streaming buffs started looking for Flixtor alternatives. A whole army of new streaming websites marched online under Flixtor’s name.

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The team behind Flixtor even warned fans against potential security hazards like malware and hacking attempts regarding copycat websites. Flixtor eventually did get back online, and at the minute, it has six official domains that you can access to catch up with the latest movies and TV shows.

Even though the original Flixtor fans were ecstatic, there is still no promise that it will not go offline again. In case that happens, its best to arm your streaming arsenal with Flixtor alternatives so that you’re not left out alone in this dark and depressing, without your favorite fictional characters.

If you’re looking for alternatives to stay on top of your Flixtor streaming game, that is exactly what we will talk about in this blog post. But before we go through the list of websites that will fill in for your favorite one in case it goes online, or is inaccessible in some countries, we’d like to tell you that some of the websites are not legal in every jurisdiction. Before streaming on any of them, make sure that you’re acquainted with your country’s copyright laws. So it is recommended to be connected with Ivacy Chrome VPN to be safe.

Even though we do not encourage our readers and users to engage in any illegal streaming activities, we do believe that knowing how to access these parts of the internet is essential. This especially goes for users who are connected to law enforcement agencies or even research.

Considering these constraints, let’s start with a powerful, effective, yet simple security solution: a Flixtor VPN. In simple terms; this will ensure that you’re connected to the internet by proxy, using a remote and secure server. Here are the three steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy Flixtor VPN
  2. Download the application for your machine.
  3. Connect using a remote and secure server
  4. Enjoy streaming any of these Flixtor alternatives from anywhere in the world!

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12 Best Alternatives to Flixtor 2023

Now that we have all of that out of the way, it’s time to get started with our list of sites like Flixtor. The following websites have been shortlisted by our team after testing dozens of Flixtor alternatives for speed, video quality, libraries, reliability, and even safety. Most of them will not even require you to sign up for them. Some, however, do run on ads, but those can be taken care of easily if you download a high-quality ad-blocker. Let’s dive in.

1. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time follows a similar history to Flixtor because shortly after it became popular, the Popcorn Time website went offline. Fortunately, Popcorn Time was built on open-source code, which was immediately discovered and used by some very skilled developers to create the

This new website has its own desktop and android apps that you can use to watch Flixtor free movies on the go. Cool, right? Even though Popcorn Time is free to download and stream, its only unattractive feature is that it is not available globally. If you can’t access this website in your country, you’ll have to download a Flixtor VPN to unblock it, along with some other Flixtor alternatives.

2. Movies Joy


If you get easily annoyed by sudden ads and pop-ups and feel like they absolutely ruin a person’s streaming experience, Movies Joy will be sure to delight you. With no ads, this is a platform for people who love a no-nonsense streaming experience with its fast interface and standard and HD video options.

Among our list of websites like Flixtor, you’ll find that this one actually has each file marked as either CAM print or HD print making it easier for you to decide which one you should open. Some videos also come with hard-wired captions, which means that you won’t be able to remove them. But the good thing is that they aren’t intrusive and don’t take up a lot of the screen.

If this doesn’t sound like the most exciting of Flixtor alternatives, let’s move on to the others.

3. Watch Series


Feel like no other website can top the collection of shows and movies provided by Flixtor on Roku? Try Watch Series. However, to gain some, you lose some, and to avail the vast collection of bingeable content pieces on Watch Series, you have to deal with loads of ads—which is how this one from the many Flixtor alternatives pays for itself.

Even though you can shut down some of the ads manually, it’s best to download an ad-blocked to go with this website. The website itself is super responsive and easy to navigate. The streaming speeds are phenomenal, and if you have a stable internet connection, you won’t have to put up with the constant buffering. One thing to know about this website is that the videos listed mostly stream from third-party websites, making Watch Series more like a search engine for online video content.

This also means that if you’re looking for something specific, you might have to click a few links and test them out before you finally find the one you were looking for.

4. Putlocker


Every streaming fan has used Putlocker at least once in their lives. With millions of fans globally, this website is one of the best Flixtor alternatives out there. The website features a powerful search bar that will comb the website and give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Moreover, the website also has its own blog where you can find the latest updates related to the website, like what’s been added, what’s new, and what movies and TV shows have just been released.

One thing to be aware of, when it comes to Putlocker, is that the website has been linked to security issues and data breaches over the past. Recommended counter-action plan: use Ivacy VPN to ward off any cybercriminal activities and enjoy the website’s streaming benefits anytime.

Not your game? Let’s head on over to more Flixtor alternatives.

5. Torrent TV


Like Popcorn Time, Torrent TV also needs you to download its specific media player or application to run your movies and shows. Once you’ve got that setup, you can scroll endlessly through the website’s humongous library.

Out of many Flixtor alternatives, we feel like the design of this website is the best. Slick, minimal, and easy to understand, this would be the ideal website to start with if you’re new to the online to torrenting and streaming life.

That being said, do you know what sets this one apart from the other Flixtor alternatives? The fact that it lets you download and stream at the same time.

6. YMovies


Ymovies will let you stream online; like most other online streaming sites, you won’t be able to download anything from this one. Simple and standard, there is no hassle with this one, and is a great option if none of the other Flixtor alternatives don’t seem to be working for you.

7. SubsMovies


Among the other Flixtor alternatives, SubsMovies gives users the chance to experience yet another user-friendly, easy-to-use minimalistically designed interface and focuses on quality over quantity.

Clicking on any of the videos will have it start playing directly inside the browser, saving you from having to keep visiting third-party websites. Among all the Flixtor alternatives, we feel that this website is also the best for subtitle content.

8. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is an exceptional streaming site for those wishing to watch movies for free. Besides offering a minimalistic interface, the platform features a plethora of exciting belonging to almost every genre imaginable.

Moreover, The site has a dedicated IMDb picks section where streamers can get recommendations of the top movies on IMDb. Then there are advanced filtering options that make the search quite convenient.

9. 123Movies


123Movies is a popular movie streaming site that caters to millions of streamers from all over the globe. The site has a rich movie database that is routinely updated to provide users with fresh content regularly.

The stream quality might not always be top-notch, but it is still bearable. Then again, there are some downsides to streaming content for free. Users might face a few pop-ups on the site as well, but that is something Ivacy VPN can help with as well.

10. Stremio

Sites like Flixtor

Stremio is a unique streaming platform that brings together various content sources in one place. It allows you to access movies, TV shows, and even live television channels. Stremio’s interface is sleek and user-friendly, making it a suitable choice for all types of users. Additionally, it supports add-ons that enable you to enhance your streaming experience by adding extra features and content sources.

11. Tubi

Sites like Flixtor

Tubi is a legal streaming service that offers a vast library of movies and TV shows for free. While it may not have the most recent releases, it boasts an impressive collection of classic movies and TV series. Tubi is available on various devices and platforms, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite content on the go.

12. Crackle

Sites like Flixtor

Crackle is another legal streaming platform offering a diverse range of movies and TV shows. The service is backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, ensuring a steady stream of high-quality content. While it may have some ads during playback, Crackle is still an excellent choice for those seeking legitimate and free streaming options.

How a VPN offers secure streaming?

So, how did you like our list of Flixtor alternatives? Throughout this post, we’ve highlighted the importance of using VPNs. This is because streaming VPNs are essential when you’re visiting free streaming websites, like all these Flixtor alternatives.

This is because free streaming websites can be hubs for hackers and cyber attackers, just waiting to get their hands on your information. Using a VPN makes sure that you’re safe and secure online by boosting your online privacy.

Why should you always use a VPN for streaming?

Let’s face it. While streaming on some of these Flixtor alternatives, you’re bound to run into internet issues. And there is nothing more annoying than having your stream get stuck in the middle repeatedly.

Using a VPN for streaming when visiting one of these Flixtor alternatives will let you bypass ISP throttling, boost your internet speed, letting you enjoy high-speed internet.

On a Final Note

With our list of Flixtor alternatives, we’re sure you’re all set to continue enjoying online streaming at the time you want. But, with so many different options, some of them being linked to security issues, it’s best to choose wisely and make smart online decisions.

While streaming on any of these Flixtor alternatives, make sure that your data and communication are safe with Ivacy VPN. Giving you up to 256-bit AES military-grade encryption, DDoS and malware protection, P2P support, split tunneling, and up to 10 multi-logins, all with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a risk-free trial, Ivacy VPN will uplift your streaming experience like nothing else.

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