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Want To Watch Movies Without Wi-Fi For Free? Here Is How You Can Do That

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The rise of the streaming industry and the emergence of services such as Netflix and Amazon prime video have made it possible for us to catch up with our favorite and trending TV shows. However, the biggest drawback associated with streaming is that you need to have access to the Internet at all times to stream. However, the best streaming services allow offline viewing of the content.

Can you download shows to watch offline?

Yes, you can. Here, we will be discussing how you can download movies to watch offline without Wi-Fi and for FREE!

Note: If you are facing any regional restrictions and need to unblock the foreign media libraries, you can use a VPN to do so. Get started with Ivacy VPN’s 7-day trial for only $0.99.

Can You Download Movies To Watch Offline On Netflix

Netflix allows you to download movies to watch offline on android and similar platforms that come with your regular subscription. If you want to know how you can watch movies for FREE with Netflix and without Wi-Fi, it’s effortless: You just need to download the Netflix app on your PC directly from the Google or Microsoft store.

Can you download movies to watch offline on Amazon?

You can download movies for offline viewing from Amazon prime video quite easily. When going through the options, select “Free to me” at the top of the screen.

Can you download movies to watch offline on YouTube Premium?

You can easily download free movies for offline watching on YouTube as there are a lot of free-to-watch movies on the platform. Each video has a Download button, but you will need to upgrade to the premium version to have it working as not everything is available offline.

Can you download movies to watch offline on TED?

Are you looking for some valuable insight and motivation as you travel? TED makes sure that gap is filled.  You can download for later viewing or have the TED app installed on your device before you set out to travel.

TED has over 2000 videos and short clips available for download along with subtitles for other languages. Once you come across a TED talk that seems worthwhile to you, all you need to do is click on the red Download button to begin transferring the file to your device. TED also lets you build customized playlists as per the topics you like. You can also go through the most popular TED talks if you can’t decide what to watch.

Can you download movies to watch offline on Hulu

Hulu is another great option for movie enthusiasts searching for a cheaper Netflix alternative that gives them access to a catalog of critically acclaimed original series that remains up to date. All you need to do is, download your favorite movie and click on the nearby download icon. It will be available for offline viewing within minutes. The speed of the download will depend upon your internet speeds.

Can you download movies to watch offline on YouTube Premium

Once you upgrade to YouTube Premium, you’ll find that there are a lot of free movies that you can download and watch offline. It allows you to watch a myriad of videos ad-free along with access to YouTube Music.

If you are not sure about YouTube Premium, you can opt for a 30-day trial to see if it’s worth the buck.

How To Download Movies To Watch Offline On Google Play, Movies, and TV?

Another great option – Google Play Movies and TV lets you watch offline on up to five devices. It works great when you’re traveling with your family, as you can watch on multiple devices. Google Play Movies can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS.

How to download movies to watch offline on Vimeo

Watch Movies Online For Free

Are you planning to hit the road or traveling to another country? Although downloading movies for offline viewing may have been difficult in the past, free movie sites make it incredibly easy. You can easily get your fix of entertainment with these awesome free movies download websites.

Final thoughts

If you’re away from home from a longer period of time along with your family, it’s probably a good idea to know about the various methods to download movies to watch offline. Do let us know if we missed something or if you have any suggestions for us.

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