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DoorDash Hack Costs 4.9 Million People their Data


The food delivery service, DoorDash, was recently hacked, costing 4.9 million their data in the process. This included not only customers but merchants and workers as well.

The breach took place back in May, but it wasn’t until this month that DoorDash was able to identify that it had been breached. They came across the breach when they realized there was unusual activity from a third party service provider, which has not been named, as yet.

Due to this breach, customers’ personal and confidential information was up for grabs, like their credit card information. As for merchants and workers, the last four digits of their bank accounts were also revealed.

Are you affected by the Breach?

DoorDash verified that people who joined their service after April 5, 2018, were completely safe. Basically, the 4.9 million figure consists of users that joined on or before said date. The company has assured its users that it is working to resolve the issue, and is notifying all users affected before it is too late.

So if you signed up after April 5, 2018, then you are completely safe and have nothing to worry about.

Even though DoorDash has not gone in explicit detail regarding the hack and how it took place, a spokesperson went on record to state the breach is being investigated thoroughly.

What are Users Affected by the Breach Supposed to do?

Any and all DoorDash users have been requested to change their passwords immediately, even those who were unaffected by the breach. They should create a unique and strong password for their DoorDash account, and even those accounts that were associated with the account.

DoorDash has stated that it has taken action against the intruder as soon as the breach was discovered. What is alarming is that attackers had more than enough time to get their hands on private and confidential information, and this was not addressed by DoorDash in any way. However, users were requested to call 855-646-4683 for further questions.

Importance of Bolstering your Security Online

This is just once instance amongst many others that make it important for users to their online privacy and security seriously. Internet users are still very lax about their security online, which makes it easier for hackers and cybercriminals to compromise their private and confidential information. Such users are also at greater risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

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