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Don’t be the Fool this April Fools’ Day


April Fools’ Day is an entertaining and fun-filled day where people get a pass for cracking jokes and playing pranks on their friends, family, and colleagues. The jokes and pranks are harmless unless they take a turn for the worse. Not every individual online will be out to prank you, some may use this day to scam people or infect their systems.

This is that day where phishing schemes and scams are at an all-time high in the form of April Fools’ Day pranks on social media, emails and other mediums. For this reason, you need to know the difference between a prank and a scam.

This April Fools’ Day, do not be the fool online by being an easy target for hackers, cybercriminals and third parties. Subscribe to Ivacy and hide your IP to remain anonymous.

Tricking the Trickster

The trickster, in this case, refers to those parties that have ill intentions. These tricksters may attempt to get hold of your information to commit fraud and whatnot. To give them a taste of their own medicine, there is no better way to do so than to learn the difference between pranks and scams. Keeping this in mind, here are some things to keep in mind to identify scams easily on the 1st of April.

  • People that do not know you will most likely not try to prank you. Beware of emails from people you do not know.
  • Companies do not prank employees individually, so be wary of emails encouraging you to download something for your work.
  • Government agencies do not go out of their way to contact people asking for taxes in the form of cash. Don’t take such emails or calls seriously, verify from an official source about any issues (if any).
  • Any requests for you to download software, visit websites or transfer money should be ignored. If you do not know the source, you should not entertain any requests at all.

Prank Safely and Responsibly

Sometimes people get so excited, they tend to forget how careful they need to be on April Fools’ Day. If you do not want to end up offending anyone, here are a couple of tips to prank safely and responsibly:

  • Avoid exaggerating pranks, especially for those dealing with health issues.
  • Pranks about someone’s health or death are not appreciated, so avoid playing such pranks.
  • Don’t indulge in pranks that could hurt yourself and the people around you.
  • Don’t take everything seriously on April Fools’ Day, be prepared for anything.

Celebrate April Fools’ Day the Ivacy Way

If you truly want to celebrate April Fools’ Day, you can prank people you know by masking your IP address to appear as though you are another region altogether. The possibilities with Ivacy VPN are limitless – stream, download, and access restricted content online without having to worry about your security and anonymity ever again.

To celebrate April Fools’ Day, and also the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, Ivacy is 77% savings on all its 2 years subscription plan. Feel free to take advantage of said savings before it is too late!

This April Fools’ Day, do not be the fool online by being an easy target for hackers, cybercriminals and third parties. The internet is plagued with threats at every corner, so you will need to up your game to stay ahead of the curve. Most importantly, take great care not to offend anyone’s sensibilities with your pranks. That being said, Happy April Fools’ Day!

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