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Snowden Blames Facebook for Data Harvesting

The not so liked Snowden who was former NSA contractor and is now residing (on temporary asylum) in Russia has blasted Facebook! Over the weekend, Snowden tweeted the following

The tweet came as a result of the suspension of Cambridge Analytica by Facebook. The firm deals in data analytics and worked on (now) President Trump’s election campaign. Facebook found out that the said firm is not removing data which it gathers from the Facebook users.

It means that whatever data is gathered by Facebook partner firm so far has remained within their vaults, presumably even after the person has quit Facebook. The data is in tens of millions and Snowden was quick to assign the blame on Facebook. Though he doesn’t mention the name explicitly in his tweet, it’s obvious.

Snowden is of the opinion that Facebook tries to tap into a user’s information which is sensitive in nature. Thus, they gather data more than the user has initially consented to. On the part of Facebook, it was the right thing to do (suspending Cambridge Analytica) but the question is, would this be enough.

People only know the name Facebook and if anything, the brand’s image is going to get tarnished. Now, the management of Cambridge Analytica has denied any malpractice (of course). But not long ago, the involvement of Russian Facebook ads that tampered with the presidential election of 2016 came to light.

The revelations were shocking, to say the least, after which the social media giant came under fire for spreading “fake news”. The recent Facebook Onavo thing, coupled with Snowden’s tweet – the odds aren’t looking in the favor of Facebook.