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16 Best Darknet Markets you should lookout for | Darkweb market places 2023

16 Best Darknet Markets you should lookout for | Darkweb market places 2022

Love online shopping? We bet you’re having the time of your life exploring stores and sales online while maintaining a healthy social distance.

Things are a little different though when it comes to shopping from one of the darknet markets. But we get it; you’ve heard of them, you’ve gone through the tons of YouTube videos where YouTubers order stuff from one of the darknet markets and you, want to give it a shot.

We’ll help you—but; there’s always a but—before we get started, there are certain things you need to know about the dark web and the darknet markets. If you don’t know what the dark web is, relax, it’s not as dark as it sounds.

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Here’s how to download and use a VPN to maintain privacy and anonymity when you visit darknet markets and websites:

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  • Download the correct app for your device
  • Select a server in the country you want to be connected from
  • Connect the VPN to your onion browser and visit darknet markets stress-free!

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Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about some darknet markets that are worth exploring in 2023.

An Overview of Dark Web

The dark web is basically a part of the internet that is not indexed by Google or other search engines created in the 1970s. This means that you can’t visit dark web websites or darknet markets by simply running a Google search. The whole reason it was created was to provide a secure communication channel that was less susceptible to attacks and hacking.

The dark web websites end in a special “.onion” extension, which cannot be routed by a typical browser like Google or Firefox. In order to load these websites, you need two things; a special browser, and a high-quality VPN service.

The onion router will be able to route the ‘.onion’ website links, and the VPN service will make sure that you’re completely anonymous and your online behavior cannot be traced back to you. Because let’s face it, the dark web, no matter how beneficial, is also a hub for criminals and it’s important to cover your tracks.

Best Darknet Markets for 2023 | A list of Darkweb marketplaces

Here are 15 of the best darknet markets that you need to explore in 2023:

1. White House Market


If you’re looking for things like software, services, etc. this is the right market for you. As one of the biggest, most popular darknet markets, White House Market features a humongous large collection and accepts Monero (XMR) while supporting the Escrow system.

2. DarkFox Market


If you’re looking for a wider variety, maybe one that includes gold jewelry, and designer items, among technical items like personal ID scans and credit card data, this is one of the darknet markets that should not be missed. The site supports both, normal escrow and multi-sig.

This means that once you’ve made a purchase, the vendor has very limited time to ship your item and mark the purchase as completed. This ensures that all your purchases are safe and that you don’t have to wait a long time to get them. Win-win, right?

3. Vice City Market


This new darknet market prides its service and operational security. Focusing on both, the customer and vendor experience, this site functions by taking feedback and hearing both sides of the story to ensure an excellent user experience for anyone who comes in touch with it.

Currently, the website supports 2 out of the 3 multi-sig, Finalize, Early, and Escrow. If you don’t have money in your darknet account, this site will also let you purchase wallet-less.

4. Invictus Market


This site offers a wide range of recreational and prescription drugs. If your doctor has prescribed you a drug that isn’t readily available, this is probably where you’re most likely to find it. The site also features its own ‘classified’ section that lists items like gold powder, iPhones, and gaming consoles making this a site worth looking through if you’re on the hunt for rare items.

5. Cartel Market


Want to shop at a darknet general store? Cartel market is for you! This is one of the all-purpose darknet markets and hosts a wide variety of drugs, self-defense products, electronics, and even hosting. If web interfaces are important to you, the cartel market is known for its simple, neat, aesthetic, and easy-to-use web interfaces.

In addition to that, there are also detailed product descriptions and prices listed right underneath the product so customers can get an overview quickly and easily.

6. World Market


This one is one of the largest darknet markets and deals in several types and categories of products. Even though you will find a variety of prescription and recreational drugs and substances, this market is also not short of electronics, personal ID scans, dumps, and credit card data among many other options.

To top it all off, this site comes with the best phishing protection, which makes it so much more secure and easier for users to find and shop on this site without fearing that they might end up on the wrong one.

7. Dark0de Reborn


Sometimes the right tutorials and digital products are a little hard to find online, which makes this website one of the best darknet markets to look for them. In addition, you can also find stuff like chemistry equipment and fraud-related products.

Unlike a lot of darknet markets, this one offers an experience that looks and feels like an actual online shop with a neat and aesthetic user interface, an internal forum, and even a section where you can buy gift cards to give to friends and family; we feel that you will definitely appreciate the experience.

8. ASAP Market


If you don’t want to create a darknet account to browse websites, this site will let you do just that. However, you will still need to register to actually get around to making any purchases. Even though this market primarily focuses on drugs, they are also neatly categorized into varieties.

These varieties include stimulants, opioids, cannabis, and steroids.

9. Yellow Brick Market


If you’re looking for rare and interesting finds, try Yellow Brick Market. This is one of the anonymous darknet markets and lets vendors sell literally anything, and their customers buy anything without judgment or putting their identity at risk.

Launched in the year 2020 by Aaron Cross who was a member of ‘Anonymous’ a hacker group at the time, this is a marketplace that is growing in popularity for its rare finds and anonymity.

10.ToRReZ Market


As a ‘community-driven market’ ToRReZ relies on feedback and suggestions from its users in order to provide a truly seamless and valuable experience. This darknet market is the first website with a transparent roadmap that allows customers to see what enhancements were made and where.

11. Dread Forum


This isn’t really a darknet market in all senses of the word. As the successor to the DeepDotWeb, this site contains the latest news about markets, and rumors along with other darknet topics. Offering tons of updates, this site is not limited to sharing information, but also serves as a community where users can chat about various topics.

12. Joker’s Stash


Joker’s Stash came forward back in 2014 as a credit card shop but has since grown into an underground marketplace that sells not only credit cards but also other technicalities like social security numbers. This is also one of the most professional darknet markets that cater to regular customers, provides dedicated customer support, and their customers get to access the website through custom domains that are specifically set up for them.

13. CannaHome


Had a tough week at work, and are now looking forward to cooling down over a chill weekend with some friends? Try CannaHome, one of the largest recreational drug darknet markets. Not only the site features a vast collection of weed-related products, but it also only lets trusted vendors sell. This means that vendors with 500+ sales on other markets are allowed to sell products on CannaHome.

14. Cypher Market


Unlike many other darknet markets that require you to deposit cryptocurrency in the market wallet to ensure that you’re willing to buy, this will let you browse the products without commitment and any purchases that you make can be paid for directly from your wallet.

15. Corona Market


This darknet market is pretty much general purpose and you’re likely to find things like medication and drugs in addition to software and other products. Even though the site hasn’t divided its products into categories, you can still use its dark web search engine to look up things you’re interested in.

16. The Versus Market

Self-proclaimed as The Versus Project, this community aims to bring back the old days of the dark web instead of solely focusing on earning bucks. Here, though, you do not need to deposit any amount in order to make transactions. Instead, you may complete transactions similar to a conventional eCommerce website

17. AlphaBay Market

AlphaBay Market

Alphabay Market was the largest darknet market in history, functioning from 2014 to 2017 with operators alpha02 and DeSnake. AlphaBay abruptly went offline in July 2017 and was suspected of being an exit scam; however, a few days later, it was announced that AlphaBay had been seized and alpha02 alias Alexander Cazes had been apprehended.

DeSnake reopened AlphaBay in August 2021 with a new look but the same admin as before, with the goal of becoming the largest darknet market in history.

18. Tor2Door Market

Tor2Door Market

Tor2Door is a mid-sized darknet market that has been operating for less than two years and offers a diverse range of listings for both real and digital items. It has a fully unique design; its administrators claim to have programmed the market from the ground up. This certainly gives Tor2Door a distinct flair, yet it is also simple to use. The market has over 10,000 listings in total, and sellers service all normally serviced locations of the world. Tor2Door has developed multisig escrow for individuals who like to conduct their purchases this way, making it as simple to use as possible.

19. Abacus Market

Abacus is a newer darknet market that has been around for a little over a year. To prevent confusion with the recently-relaunched’ AlphaBay, the market was renamed from ‘Alphabet’ in October 2021 to avoid being mistaken with the recently-relaunched’ AlphaBay. After the collapse of the White House Market, the market gained some merchants, but it still suffers from a serious lack of diversity in terms of vendors and items. The majority of the digital commodities available at Abacus may be found on any other market, and around half of the Drugs & Chemicals sections are vacant.

How to Buy from Darknet Markets?

Since the dark web is supposed to be anonymous, the only way to buy things off the darknet market without risking your anonymity is to buy in cryptocurrency. If you’re looking for versions of bitcoin that are relatively more private than others, try Monero(XMR). Monero transactions make it harder for even hackers to track down your real-world identity.

Once you have enough cryptocurrency to get around, you need to access the darknet markets via the dark web. As discussed, you’ll need an onion browser like Tor for this along with a VPN service. Once you’re connected, you need to start funding your darknet account.

Once you’ve made one, you’ll find an option that says “wallet” or “account”. When you find it, look for an option like “generate bitcoin address” or “deposit BTC”.

This is where you’re likely to see an address comprising of a string of numbers and letters, looking something like 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2.

To complete the payment process, copy this address and paste it into the “send BTC to address” section. You will then be asked to select the amount of bitcoin that you want to transfer to your darknet wallet. If you want to transfer all of it, select the option called “max,” then his transfer, and wait for up to 40 minutes for the amount to be credited to your account.

Finally, all you need to do is find a darknet market that sells the product you’re looking for, and make your purchase!

Is it Safe to Buy from Darkweb Markets?

The dark web can get dangerous, and dark web markets are shady spaces where you can find literally anything. From harmless CBD oil to illegal drugs, there’s not a lot that is off-limits. When it comes to buying from these markets, it really depends a lot on what you’re buying.

As long as you’re not buying anything illegal, don’t sweat it—you’re unlikely to get into trouble with the law, However, since the dark web and darknet markets are social and economic hubs for criminals, it’s best to keep your tracks covered and not risk your anonymity.

If you’re using a high-quality VPN service, this will already be taken care of. VPNs encrypt data and mask your IP address, making you undetectable.

How to access Darknet Markets | Use Darknet Markets in 2023

Darknet markets can be accessed through the dark web, or, in other words, being able to route web addresses with a “.onion” extension. This is done by using special onion browsers, we recommend Tor, and connecting them to a good VPN service to secure your browsing activity.

Once you’ve set things up and can load the “.onion” links, you can access darknet markets and buy items that aren’t readily available, for example, CBD oil, or limited edition comic books.

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How many Darknet Markets are there?

There are plenty of darknet markets available in 2023, click here to find out.

So, which of the darknet markets are you visiting? Let us know how it went in the comments below! Don’t forget to use a VPN service to protect your identity and maintain anonymity. If you’re looking for one, try Ivacy! Download here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to access darknet markets?

Non-technical users should stay away from darknet markets at all times. The dark web is a haunting place where illegal transactions are performed primarily. And in case the reason for visiting the dark web is legitimate, proper precautions should be taken, such as encrypting online traffic with Ivacy VPN.

Can I use a free VPN service to access darknet markets?

Users must always stay away from free VPN services, especially when they wish to access the dark web. Free VPN services are infamous for compromising the privacy and security of users. The safest way to access the dark web is with the help of paid VPN services like Ivacy VPN. Ivacy VPN offers strong VPN protocols and other security features that make for a safe online environment.

Can you use the dark web legally?

The dark web can be accessed for legal reasons as well. For example, a whistle-blower can access the dark web to expose illegal activities without exposing their own identity online.

How to stay safe while visiting the dark web?

There are a number of things that can be done to stay safe while visiting the dark web. Here are a few of the most important things to do:

  • Use a VPN service.
  • Keep the firewall active.
  • Use a privacy-focused browser.
  • Disable Javascript in the browser.

Can your information be removed from the dark web?

Once personal information enters the dark web, or the regular web, for that matter, it is virtually impossible to remove personal information. That is why it is monumental to keep all private information offline at all times.

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