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Don’t Chase a ‘Penis’ for Million $ Crypto Investment

You may have heard of how mining for cryptocurrency is carried out around the world. It costs a hefty sum and usually entails a lot of energy. We read the other day how someone pointed out the rise of cryptocurrency as the coming of Anti-Christ sucking the world dry of power.

Well, um… I don’t agree with the person’s point of view, however, it may entail some repercussions on the energy resources the world has. We all know how limited they are but talking about limited – the knowledge about the cryptocurrency is limited as well among the masses.

Analogy of ‘Penis’

Not long ago a crypto startup tricked its investors and robbed them of millions. There are many startups claiming to deal in cryptocurrency for conducting transactions which have surfaced in the recent past. And why wouldn’t they?!

Since our very own Bitcoin has risen to new heights (sure it plummeted in between) but people have gone rich overnight!

Cashing in on this, startups have garnered attention and in turn, attracted money from investors so that they can transform their fortune “tenfold” the original value in the process.

The idea which was pitched by Prodium to its investors was that they will deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to the customers while accepting money in cryptocurrency. Yes, you guessed it! That’s the name of the fraudulent crypto startup under discussion.

They promised a coin of their own to be used for transactions and money was raised through capital ventures as was detailed by Prodium’s press release. However, many didn’t buy it. The wallet to be utilized was supposed to be based on Ethereum’s Blockchain.

But one day out of the blue their website read “Penis”. Yes, penis! That very thing. I don’t know if it was Prodium’s initial thought at naming their startup or they wanted to tell the world “s*** a d***”! Either way, they just vanished from the face of this earth (with, of course, millions of dollars). What good does vanishing brings alone if not with millions in your account?

Upon digging it was discovered that fake profiles were used on the social media channels such as LinkedIn. The faces of the founders and others involved were images of common folks from social media platforms. Many of these profiles (as of writing this article), stands deleted.

Moral of the Story

The reason why we narrate this fresh off the bat story is that people are careless with their dealings online as to who to trust and who not to. They seem to forget to do a little bit of homework before heading onward; be it placing their eggs in the crypto basket or elsewhere.

What can be done about this? Well, you can’t do much about stupid but hey! You can guard yourself against such scams and not be stupid (no pun intended). As long as you’re not funding a startup, it’s okay but if you too have started to invest in cryptocurrency better to be safe than sorry.

I mean who wants a penis for million dollar crypto investment, right? Sure your crypto coins are locked in a wallet built on Blockchain technology but you never know what these hackers and scammers are up to these days.

The Takeaway

It is thus a shout out for all the crypto maniacs out there! Don’t be so sure of the Blockchain because heavy reliance on any piece of technology tends to make you comfortable. Stay sharp and use Ivacy VPN service in order to guard your passwords when logging into your wallet. Moreover, logins are protected via Ivacy’s encryption method.

Meaning, you have an added layer of security to all your online transactions/ dealings involving cryptocurrency or any other currency.

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