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Copyright Owners Want Google to Ban 01 Billion Pirated Websites

Goolgle banned links

The copyright owners have come back with a bang! They want Google to remove more than 01 billion websites that promote pirated content on search engines.

What the copyright owners have demanded from the world’s largest search engine, has been going on on daily basis, for a long time now. Their movement has gained some impetus, as the number of take down requests for websites involved in copyright infringement, has considerably increased during the first months of the year 2015.

The fight against pirated websites started way back in 2008, when Google tended to receive a few dozens DMCA-like notices to ban such websites on search engine result pages.

The interesting point is that, recently Google had opposed complete website domain removal, which came as a blow to anti-piracy advocates and copyright owners.

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According to Google’s Transparency Report, the search engine giant has already removed more than 01 billion links directed to pirated websites. The number is increasing day by day. There are precisely 1,007,766,482 infringement links that have to be removed from Google, as per the request made by the so-called copyright owners. The Copyright owners have submitted more than 420 million requests to Google in the first few months of the current year.

Pirated Websites

Actually, Google has achieved this particular milestone as of the current statistics, as the graph above shows.

Meanwhile, Google holds the point of view that they are used to process more take down notices related to pirated websites, as compared to any other search engine available. There are millions of requests that are received on daily basis, and these are processed in under six hours on average.

The search engine giant is against complete website domain removal, which if allowed, will require censorship across the board. This practice in turn, is in complete contradiction of freedom of speech and access to information for individuals.

On the other hand, MPAA and RIAA, the two anti-piracy heavyweights, have strongly argued about complete ban on pirated websites. Well, the increased number of DMCA-type notices, being served to pirated websites, is a sign that the fight against pirated websites is headed in the right direction.

As the situation stands, there is a clear indication that the number of links and websites that are involved in copyright infringement is set to increase in the coming weeks.

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