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Chrome, Firefox Browsers Block KickAss Torrents


Torrent websites are really facing the hard times. KickAss Torrents, one of the most popular torrent websites has faced the wrath. The website is blocked on two major internet browsers – Chrome and Firefox.

Both Chrome and Firefox have termed KickAss Torrents (KAT) as a phishing website. The esteemed users of KAT website are in a sudden panic as the move by web browsers have taken them by surprise. As the situation stands, KAT users are unable to access the website.

Chrome has issued a ‘red warning’ in connection with KAT website, saying, “deceptive site ahead: Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information.”


Firefox has also issued similar warning to its users, advising them to refrain from using KAT website. The company has gone to an extent to term KAT as a website promoting online forgery, by using individuals’ personal information.

Web forgeries are designed to trick you into revealing personal or financial information by imitating sources you may trust. Entering any information on this web page may result in identity theft or other fraud,” the browser warns.


Well, this is not the first time that KAT has met this kind of blockade. The leading torrent website was also at the center of the crises when it received similar warning notices from these two web browsers, during the last year.


*This news was originally published on Torrent Freak on April 12, 2016

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