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Chinese Tracking Services Selling Personal Data For Cash


Using the internet in China can be a nightmarish experience. The Great Firewall already exists, but the picture is much bleaker than what a common netizen like you would like to imagine. Both surveillance agencies and police in China are (not only) watching your daily routines, they are selling your personal data for bucks.

That’s a really shocking revelation. According to an article published in The Washington Post, personal information of a large number of local netizens is easily available for sale in China. Any foreigner can pay up to Yuan ¥ 700 (or US $100) and get personal data of Chinese netizens.

One would expect protests, or at least an outcry from the local public but, so far, there have been none, i.e. except for angry posts on social media. But the growing evidence of data theft in China isn’t just alarming; it’s absolutely scandalous!

Take the example of Shanghai which seems to be the hardest hit by this personal-data-selling fiasco. In this city, personal data ranging from booking of hotel rooms to domestic and international flights is available for sale. So there really isn’t any way to tell when someone out there may be selling your personal information.

The ‘Honest Shanghai’ app

As the situation stands, the information is available on not one but a large number of internet platforms in China. A report by NPR highlights the fact that Shanghai has already a Public Credit Score System in place in the shape of an app called Honest Shanghai.

This app analyzes a netizen’s every-day activity and, after 24 hours, issues a credit score against each activity. The NPR report mentions:

You sign up using your national ID number. The app uses facial recognition software to locate troves of your personal data collected by the government, and 24 hours later, you’re given one of three “public credit” scores — very good, good, or bad.

The app is a cause of concern for millions of netizens in China. It makes them extremely vulnerable  to data hack attacks. In fact the data selling has become a money-churning business for agencies and hackers alike.

According to Threat Intelligence Analyst, William Glass,  

“There is a big market for this stuff, and as soon as this system sets up, there is great incentive for cyber criminals and even state-backed actors to go in, whether to steal information or even to alter it,” he exclaimed.  

How to protect data online?  

The netizens in China have become extremely vulnerable to data hack attacks, thanks to the Honest Shanghai app. With an unprecedented surge in data hack threats and the current data selling fiasco, it’s the high time that you get a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your online identity and personal data.

A fast, reliable and affordable VPN like Ivacy, not only masks your original IP address but also encrypts your personal data, thus protecting it against the evil clutches of Chinese surveillance agencies. It also makes you anonymous online, so that nobody, not even the third party surveillance agencies in China can break into your private online space. Thanks to the military-grade encryption from Ivacy. It’s the best China VPN available to you.

Setting up Ivacy VPN is quite easy. You can configure Ivacy VPN on any of your smart devices. It also works fittingly well with various operating systems (Windows, iOS, Linux, consoles, etc.). To setup Ivacy VPN, you must:

  1. Sign up for Ivacy VPN account with your online credentials
  2. Download and install Ivacy VPN app on your preferred device
  3. Use the smart purpose selection tool to select the encryption protocol that your want to use. You must also select the purpose or the location server from where you want to access the internet.
  4. Select the online channels or the websites that you want to visit.
  5. Once the selection is done, hit the Connect button.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup Ivacy VPN on your preferred device. Now you can enjoy complete data protection and personal online security like never before. You can also browse the internet without fearing about any data hack threats.

And that’s not all! With Ivacy VPN subscription, you also get some exciting and user-friendly features, making you fall in love with Ivacy.


It’s time to defeat the odds against you and thwart any data hack challenges in China and enjoy the ultimate web browsing experience right at your home.

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