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Captain America: Civil War Is Out…on Torrents too!


*This review contains no spoilers.

This year 2016, is without a doubt the biggest year for both the Marvel and DC fans, because of the big titles that are releasing this year. Captain America: Civil War is one of them. And we can’t exaggerate much on how awesome the movie was. Well, who wouldn’t want to see Captain America and Iron Man beating the hell out of each other!

Captain America Civil War Trailer:

A Brief Movie Review:

The acting was amazing in the movie. In reference to the trailer, I thought that the role of Spider Man would be little, but Spider Man actually had a more detailed role than I expected. Black Panther was such a great character and I truly want to see more of it in the Marvel movies to come.

While I was watching the movie, I had to face a challenge. Actually, before even I crouched in my seat, I had this thought in my head that “Who’s side am I going to be?” Cap’s or Iron Man? And that is the same question that I struggled with throughout the movie before the actual conflict between Captain America and Iron Man happened. And I am going to ask you the same question, that “Who’s side are you going to be?” You can comment in the comment section below as I really don’t want to answer this question for you because that’ll be a great spoiler.

Now, let’s talk about the action in the movie. If you’re a comic book fan, you’ll definitely love the action bits from the comics coming to life in the movie. You’ll especially love the airport scene! I can say with my experience and full responsibility that it is the best superhero movie scene I have seen in a long time.


How was the movie? Should you go watch it? Should you spend your money on it? The answer to all these questions is a big YES! At least for me, it was a movie, that came darn close to comics, and it was way better than other super hero flicks that have come recently this year.

But wait! What about the torrents?

Well, as they say that whatever goes on air has to sooner or later end up in a torrent file, and Captain America Civil War is no exception. Captain America: Civil War torrent files are available on different torrent websites and have already been downloaded by thousands of torrent users all over the world. We won’t encourage the use of illegal torrents, but all those who are downloading Captain America: Civil War from torrents or any other copyrighted movies, majority of them would be using a VPN to make their online activities anonymous and untraceable. This always happens.

We can only pray that this menace of online piracy can be eradicated altogether, but for now, we think that VPNs are winning this race. Good or Bad? It depends on the use. But one thing is for sure, in the end, it all depends what you choose.

So, on that note, I would suggest you go and watch Captain America: Civil War in cinemas until it is still being shown there. It’s a complete cinematic adventure, so don’t waste the movie by watching it in shitty prints with shitty people walking all across the camera and ruining every scene with their silhouette.


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Some Fun Stuff That Got Social About Civil War


This is how The Civil War looks like in Comics

captain america comics


 And this is how it actually looked like in the movie

 captain america civil war movie


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