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California Campfire and the Resulting Tragedy

It was November the 8th when the Camp Fire initiated at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

How Did It Start?

Although it is still unclear how it all began at first, it was a minor blaze. From that point forward, it quickly turned out to be an inferno which is becoming tougher to tackle with each passing day.

At the time, wind gusts acted as a catalyst and the fire spread far and wide. Now, it has become center of media’s attention everywhere while rescue operations are underway.

The fire headed straight towards Paradise – a city which encompasses a population of 27,000 and engulfed it alongside adjacent areas. According to reports, it’s said that the inferno has been swallowing up the area at a staggering rate of 60 football fields per minute.

We at Ivacy Stand Fast With Our Brethren

In this hour of tragedy and loss, Ivacy extends its deepest condolences to the victims and their families. It is heartening to see people missing and dead bodies churning out almost on daily basis, since.

There is a time for profits and then there is a time for prayers. At Ivacy, we can only pray and hope that the fire is contained as soon as possible so that the damage and destruction can be minimized.

We say to the brave firemen and the people of Paradise, stay strong and keep your resolve high at all times.

This too shall pass.