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Beware of the BT Internet Phone Scam

If you think telephone scams were becoming outdated, think again. A new type of telephone scam is wreaking havoc in the UK, referred to as the BT Internet Scam.

The BT Scam has caught hundreds of people off guard, frightening users via email or automated calls, wrongfully alerting them that their IP address has been compromised, or that their broadband package is expiring with immediate effect. The victims are then instructed as to what they should do to avoid getting into a fix.

Despite the fact Microsoft named the UK as the safest country for internet users,  there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

BT’s Stance about the Scam

BT has gone on record to state that even though scam calls are not unusual, users need to be wary of them. They have advised their users to refrain from providing any sort of access to their computers or personal and confidential information.

BT has stated that they take such cases seriously, and want such scams to be reported immediately. To take action, and to prevent such fraudsters from preying on unsuspecting victims by posing as employees, users with any information are encouraged to report scam calls.

Transparency from BT to Prevent Further Scams

To ensure these scams do not get out of hand, BT has elaborated on its processes across all platforms. BT does not:


  • Call to inform users regarding issues with their computers
  • Ask for payment details via live chat or email
  • Call for remote access to computers or other devices

Broadband Service

  • Call to inform regarding an IP leak
  • Call to inform regarding a hack
  • Threaten to disconnect a user’s service unless they make an immediate payment

Bank Account

  • Request users for their online banking password or PIN
  • Request money transfers via money transfer websites like PayPal
  • Sends individuals for payment collection

To stay protected from even more sophisticated scams, BT also offers the following solutions

BT Call Protect

This offering protects users from BT users from unsolicited calls and comes at no extra cost.

Web Protect

BT users will be warned when he/she or a family member is about to visit a potentially dangerous website harboring malicious content.

Virus Protect

BT users can benefit from spyware and virus protection on up to two devices, regardless of what broadband package they opted for.

Tips for Protecting Yourself Online

Scammers, cybercriminals and hackers are constantly evolving to be able to find and con unsuspecting victims. To prevent this, here are a couple of tips for your consideration:

  • Use Strong Passwords

Apart from using different passwords for each account, make sure you use strong passwords. They need to be complex, so you should use a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters.

  • Enhance your Home Network with a VPN

A great way to improve your home network is by deploying a VPN. A reliable VPN, like Ivacy VPN, will encrypt all your internet traffic, making sure your private and confidential information does not land in the wrong hands.

  • Stay up-to-date about the Latest Security Breaches

Just because you are not well versed in tech, does not justify being oblivious to what is going on in the tech world. This applies to security breaches as well. Stay up-to-date so you can protect yourself by taking the necessary precautionary measures beforehand.

For free advice and easy to understand information on online security, be sure to check out Get Safe Online.

  • Know what to do if you become a Victim

If you believe you are victim to this scam, you should report the incident to and Action Fraud.

No matter where you are, or who contacts you, be vigilant about what information is being requested from you. Do not give away any information to anyone without proper verification. Your ISP will never ask for your personal information. Most importantly, use Ivacy VPN to encrypt your internet traffic.

Regardless of the VPN server you connect to, your internet information will remain hidden. Your own ISP will not know about your IP address or online activities.

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