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The Wait’s Over – Black Friday Deals Canada 2021 Have Arrived!


Black Friday Deals Canada is a day right after Thanksgiving and falls on a Friday, hence, the name Black Friday. In the start, it was hailed as a start to the holiday shopping season (both officially and unofficially), however, over the last few years, this has more become a one-day event where items go on sale at unbelievably low prices!

The remaining holidays are considered separate from this event such as Christmas and New Year. All the major retail outlets and stores will come up with crazy deals so as to attract customers buying from them. Not that deals are a fluke. There are some serious discounts but in the end, it results in bulk revenues for merchants.

Win-win, so to speak.

Usually, Black Friday sales go live before Friday. As of late, 2013 to be exact, some stores tend to go live on a Wednesday, Monday or even on actual Thanksgiving Day. Simply put, if it’s Black Friday Canada week, you can expect it to start on any day of the week!

Best VPN Black Friday Deals Canada

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Why Is There A Need To Celebrate Black Friday?

Black Friday is a shopping fiesta at its helm and it is celebrated for a number of reasons. For starters, it is celebrated for being the last major holiday before Christmas.


Because many employers give their employees Friday off over the Thanksgiving weekend so it serves as a chance for the public to hit malls and shop for Christmas at special prices.

Most people avail the quota from their annual leaves and plan to visit their friends or family and even plan vacations as part of the long weekend. It is not a federal holiday by any means but the trend has spread like a wildfire over the past couple of years. Changes are also expected in public transport schedules due to congestion on roads as part of the shopping spree.

When’s Black Friday in Canada?

Well, that’s easy. It is the same day as it is celebrated in the USA. Black Friday extravaganza will take place on 26th November in Canada and elsewhere in the world (wherever it’s celebrated).

Black Friday Deals Canada By Top Brands

As stated, Black Friday is when all the big names come up with serious discounts and for Canadians, it is no different. Here are some Black Friday Deals Canada offered by some of the notable brands.

  • American Eagle

The Pre-Black Friday sales at American Eagle in Canada are up and you can get 30% off on four items! Use this chance to update your winter closet just in time for the pumpkin-spiced latte season!


Love designer items but not the price tag? Well, this Black Friday you’ll be able to knock up to 80% off that number on FARFETCH. If you’ve been thinking of adding a brand new designer bag to your collection, hurry before the racks sell out!

  • asos

Have you always felt that winters in Canada are a little extra chilly? However, you can cross the weather off your list of problems this year with up to 70% off on winter warmers at asos.

  • Shein

Whether it’s jewelry, dresses, or some soft, silky nightwear items, there is simply no going wrong with Shein-especially this Black Friday with an up to 70% discount.

  • Puma

If you’re an athlete or a fitness fan, you’re going to really appreciate the up to 40% discount on select items including shoes, clothing and even accessories.

  • Roots

If you love leather bags and shoes, this might be a great time to fill your bags at Roots with up to 30% off on select leather good and accessories.

In addition to the above, there are discounts on world-renowned retail stores including Walmart and Amazon.


Are you ready?!

Best Black Friday Deals Canada – Editor’s Picks

Editors’ recommend the following to shop for during Black Friday sales, come 26th of November 2021.

  • Best In 4K TVs

If you were to talk about the future of television, the answer is 4K TVs. Black Friday TV deals are no exception. You can browse for 4K TVs during this shopping fiesta.

  • HDTV

HDTV is another set of televisions that you can benefit from. On Black Friday Deals Canada the selection for an HDTV is no longer a hassle.

  • Macbooks and Surface Pro

Laptops have come a long way. There are MacBooks and Surface Pro in the market today. So which laptop personality type are you? Decide and benefit from Black Friday computer deals which best suits you.

  • Gaming Headsets and Controllers

Any gamers’ most trusted companion is a gaming headset and/ or controllers. So what are you waiting for!? Black Friday is almost upon us!

Best Electronic Black Friday Deals In Canada

Electronic items are perhaps the most sought-after products on a day when sales/discounts go live. Below you will find some of the best electronic deals this Black Friday Deals Canada.

  • TVs

New models come out every day and to be able to keep tabs on what’s latest on Black Friday TV deals in Canada, can be a tiring task. On top of it, you then have to know features that each manufacturer boasts about such as whether to buy LG’s Color Master Engine or should a person settle for Samsung’s PurColour, etc.

  • Gaming Laptops

Nothing satisfies the hunger of a gamer than a decent gaming laptop. By decent we mean, pocket-friendly and with all the right specifications to run new games. Gamers’ biggest challenge is to find the correct set of laptop hardware for gaming while at the same time figuring out the budget to go with it.

  • Headphones/Headsets

What if you miss out on that important audio cue from your Fortnite comrade? Because that would mean winning over losing and helping your squad climb up the ranks. This is where quality headphones/headsets factor in, for an immersive experience such as locating where that sniper shot came from.

And not just for Fortnite but also when you want to listen to the best in music!

  • Speakers

Speakers comprise both computer and multimedia speakers.

  • Gaming Consoles

Buy from your favorite consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and many more…

  • Smart Home

Also referred to as Home Automation, it controls lights to your house, entertainment systems, and other appliances in addition to control of alarms.

  • Smartphones

Do we need a reason to buy smartphones? Not really, right?

  • Wearables

Wearable technology is the latest trend and multiplies with each passing day. These items allow for the ease of wearing them on clothes or on the body as accessories.

And if you are not down with these deals on Black Friday, we have more in the text which follows. So keep on reading.

Mindblowing Airline Black Friday Deals Canada

Black Friday airline deals are also in full swing and Canada has become quite famous for its airlines such as Air Canada, Porter Airlines, and WestJet. Below you will find Black Friday Deals Canada for airlines.

  • Air Canada

The airline offers up to 20% off on destinations all over the world this Black Friday

  • Canadian Affair

For Black Friday, you can benefit from gift vouchers for up to $50 when you book with Canadian Affair to locations like London and Dublin for holidays.

  • Air Transat

On all Air Transat destinations, Black Friday sales online bring you the offer to book your vacations at 20% off.

Refer to the chart below for a better understanding of flight fares from 2020. But please note, prices are subject to change depending on the availability of bookings.

Black Friday deals canada

Flight Chart


Crazy Black Friday Deals Canada On Clothing

Clothing is essential and there is no shortage of discounts on them. Here’s a list of clothing brands that you can count on, this Black Friday.

  • Zara

Zara has been known to offer discounts on some of its most awesome styles. Expect to see up to 45-50% off on select picks.

  • Garage

Garage is offering up to 50% off on select styles in Canada this Black Friday.

  • Old Navy

Enjoy up to 35% off on your purchases from Old Navy.

Furthermore, you can look for discounts in the following product categories.

  • Toddler Boys Clothes

Sale on toddler boys sweaters, pants, and jackets are on sale this season and you can avail varying discounts on all of them

  • Women’s Clothing

Nylon vests, tees, and jeans are available for women at amazing discounts.

  • Boys Clothing

You know how boys are, fun-filled and adventurous and Black Friday sales will suit their every style, be it skinny jeans, hoodies or cardigans.

  • Men’s Fashion

Discounts on men’s fashion are available such as on sweaters, jeans, jackets, and khakis. So grab them at special prices and contribute in marking the unofficial start to the holiday season this Black Friday.

  • Girl Clothes

Girls want something which is latest, mostly pink (in color) and just downright fashionable. Get discounts on girl clothing with Black Friday around the corner!

  • Plus Size Clothing 

Plus size is the new fashion statement and nothing to be ashamed of. There are plus-size models and no wonder there is demand for plus-size clothing. Hence, you can avail different discounts on sweaters, hoodies, and jeans – all of them which are plus size.

  • Newborn Girl Clothes

Newborn girls are perhaps the cutest creatures on the planet and you can browse from bodysuits, moccasins, leggings, and coats for your newborn baby girl, meanwhile enjoying great discounts on them.

  • Baby Girl Clothes

You can shop for your baby girl clothes on Black Friday Deals Canada and can select from jackets, leggings, and vests.

So be prepared, the deals won’t last forever!

Black Friday Deals Canada For Women

Women have a particular taste in fashion and Black Friday sales Canada without emphasis on women’s fashion is not possible. Black Friday Deals Canada for women currently includes T-shirt dresses, tie-belt jackets, swing tops, and long sleeve stripe dresses, in addition to jeans and pants for up to 50% off.

For teenage girls, the list has floral tier skirts, printed tiers, and waist dresses. Clothing for toddler girls is on sale too this Black Friday. Buy from puff sleeves, cape T-shirts, flippy skirts, hoodies, jeggings, and sweaters for your toddlers because they will one day become grown women and it’s time that you set them up for best in clothing early on.

Ever Wondered Why It Is Called Black Friday?

According to Wikipedia, it is said that retailers used to record profits in their ledgers in black ink and the losses in red. Since Black Friday brings in a ton of profits for the retailers it is only relevant to call the day a Black Friday. The term spread like a wildfire and before you know it, everyone was cashing on it.

Some Tips For Black Friday Deals Canada

These tips are hacks, to be honest, and although there are no guarantees you can still benefit from them. To begin with, you can look for store maps. Instead of visiting the store and searching for desired items, look online, and that way you can always be sure of where to find the desired item once you enter the store. It can save you a lot of your valuable time when others are busy trying to locate where to find a particular item.

On Black Friday sales, people spend nights outside of the retail outlets and will stand in line for countless hours to grab the best deals as soon as they can. You can cut to the chase by asking your local store by calling them. Ask them where they will be handing out discount vouchers as in at which stall or where to stand in line when the sales are live!

We all know, how limited are flash sale items, and in order to be ahead of the curve, you need to get on top of it. For an item which is worth $25o and the count is 20, you can go to the counter and show the voucher by availing at the said price. Vouchers for 20 TV sets, for instance, will only be given to a 20 few. After which there will be no vouchers and thus, no more television sets at that price!

Plan for what’s more important to you. This planning will help you decide which items require your undivided attention and on which you cannot comprise. Not all stores can be visited (as it is not practically feasible on Black Friday) and similarly, not all items can be purchased. Hence, it is better to have a list of items set priority-wise.

Always be on the lookout for big vouchers as with them you can save money on a bunch of items. Sometimes, even thousands of dollars on a combined set of products. If you are shopping in a group, do not go to the same store all at once but instead, spread out to different stores. Stay in touch and that way you will be able to coordinate and figure out where to make your time last a while on Black Friday Deals Canada.

It also advisable to check for Price Matching Policy. With that in mind, it may be possible that the store where you are standing in long queues at, it may be, that item is sold at the same price on an outlet where there is no lengthy queue(s).

You can also buy an item in advance and get it adjusted on a Black Friday. While you may not find retail store owners very welcoming when it comes to adjusting prices or when you attempt to refund/re-purchase but still, you can try your luck. This usually applies to items such as electronics and other gadgets.

You’re welcome!

Also, this is quite a misnomer that brick-and-mortar establishments have the best in deals/offers when, in actuality, that is not the case.

When you order online you can subtract the hassle of standing in lines and having to walk through different aisles. Browse from the comfort of your couch and you’re all set to avail discounts on Black Friday online deals.


All in all, Black Friday Deals Canada is a spectacle that you CANNOT miss out on! It is one of the busiest days primarily due to shopping and also because it is a Thanksgiving holiday. But beware, amidst the celebrations, you must not risk getting your credit card information compromised or financial data, for that matter.

These days, identity theft is also common malpractice that affects the public at large. So while you can shop all you want but, at the same time, stay sharp and remain wise.

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