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BitTorrent Web Finally Makes its Way to Mac


BitTorrent Web is a blessing in disguise for torrenters that want to get their entertainment fix. How the client works is that it allows you to search for torrents, making it easier to download them. But that is not all, it can also stream content as well.

According to BitTorrent, the client will play magnet links and torrent files immediately.

Even though BitTorrent Web has been available for quite some time now, there was no news whether it would be coming to Mac anytime soon. Seeing how versatile the client is, it is no surprise that torrenters would want it on their Mac.

The good news is that BitTorrent Web for Mac is finally available. To download it, click here.

The announcement was made by BitTorrent Inc. a week ago.

That being said, if you are an avid torrenter, and want to use BitTorrent Web, make sure you use a Torrent VPN to remain anonymous at all times. Not only will you stay safe and secure online, but you will also enjoy blazing-fast upload and download speeds like never before!

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