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best true crime shows on Hulu

Dive into the thrilling world of true crime on Hulu, where a variety of documentaries unfold these mind boggling tales. From serial killers to heists, these documentaries offer different perspectives – from the minds of criminals to the efforts of detectives and the emotions of friends and family. Hulu takes you through high-profile cases like the Fyre Festival controversy, Sandra Bland’s arrest, and the Menendez Brothers murder, presenting not just crime stories but engaging narratives with a deeper social impact. Watch Hulu for a journey into these intriguing stories where reality often surpasses fiction. You can subscribe for a free trial

1. The Secrets of Hillsong

Carl Lentz, widely known for guiding Justin Bieber towards spirituality, takes center stage in “The Secrets of Hillsong.” Produced by Vanity Fair, this four-episode docuseries marks Lentz’s return after his departure from Hillsong Church in 2020. Delve into Lentz’s arrival in NYC and his ascent through the entertainment industry, offering an intimate look at one of Hillsong’s former prominent members. Explore the inner workings of Hillsong Church, a faith-based organization with a history of scandals. Gain insights into the controversial views on sexuality and civil rights movements, presented through the lens of one of its influential former members.

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2. Southern Gothic (2020)

Hulu Original, Southern Gothic, produced by David O’Donnell, thrusts the Southern states into the true drama spotlight. Over six episodes, the series explores crimes in Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, Alabama, and beyond. Each episode unveils the mysteries surrounding multiple deaths and scrutinizes how authorities handled these gripping cases. Southern Gothic blends real-life accounts with archive footage, providing a compelling narrative of each crime. The series takes time to gather relevant information and presents the final resolutions, immersing viewers in the stories and investigations.

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3. Web of Death (2023)

Hulu Original “Web of Death” is a six-episode docuseries produced in collaboration with ABC News Productions. It explores the stories of six online bloodhounds—civilians with detective skills and tech-savvy abilities solving crimes independently. With no connection to police procedures, these individuals navigate DNA databases and social media to track down perpetrators. Witness civilians taking crime-solving into their own hands. “Web of Death” introduces a fresh perspective on true crime, focusing on online bloodhounds tackling long-forgotten cold cases. The series showcases the stories of laborers, journalists, retired firemen, and web sleuths, celebrating these unsung heroes.

4. How I Caught My Killer (2023)


In this Hulu original docuseries, “How I Caught My Killer,” nine accounts pose a fascinating question: Can a victim assist in solving their own murder after death? Exploring the age of social media, chat backlogs, and GPS locations, the series presents real-life resources used by authorities and families to unveil the truth behind the murders of their loved ones. Challenge the notion of the perfect crime in the digital age. How I Caught My Killer illustrates how seemingly trivial details like phone calls, social media posts, and chat logs play a pivotal role in solving cases, demonstrating the power of technology in crime resolution.

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5. Keeper of the Ashes (2022)

Hulu Original “Keeper of the Ashes” is a four-episode event produced by actress/singer Kristin Chenoweth. Returning to her hometown in Oklahoma, Chenoweth investigates the brutal killing of three Girl Scouts in 1977. The case remained inconclusive, but new technologies offer a chance to reevaluate evidence in a new light. Delve into one of the most haunting cold cases, as “Keeper of the Ashes” revisits the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders. The series sheds light on unresolved questions and utilizes modern technologies to provide fresh perspectives on a case that gripped the nation.

6. The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade (2018)

“Hulu Originals” presents “The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade,” challenging the perception of the ’90s as the last great decade before the new millennium. Exploring ten horrific cases, the series combines dramatizations and real-life accounts to delve into low-profile yet heinous crimes that unfolded during a seemingly simpler time. Experience a reality check as “The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade” reveals the dark underbelly of the seemingly idyllic ’90s. With a focus on crimes that went under the radar, the series provides a sobering look at social unrest and rampant crime during the decade.

7. The Murder of Laci Peterson (2017)

“The Murder of Laci Peterson” is a six-part A&E docuseries unraveling the tragic 2002 disappearance and death of California woman Laci Peterson. The case gained massive publicity with the arrest, trial, and conviction of her husband, Scott Peterson, raising questions about the investigation’s accuracy. Dive into the controversy surrounding the high-profile case. “The Murder of Laci Peterson” seeks to shed light on potential mistakes in the investigation, offering a comprehensive look at the events that surrounded this infamous crime.

8. The Untold Story (2019)

An A&E documentary series, “The Untold Story,” presents investigative journalist Elizabeth Vargas delving into specific crimes and broader societal issues. In “Hunting JonBenét’s Killer,” Vargas examines the notorious cold case of JonBenét Ramsey’s murder in 1996, exploring never-before-seen photos and considering “intruder theories. Witness a unique blend of investigative journalism and in-depth explorations. “The Untold Story” takes on various topics, from cold cases to online disputes among gang members, providing a comprehensive view of the impact these issues have on society and culture.

9. Children of the Snow (2019)

“Children of the Snow” is a four-episode series addressing the “Oakland County Child Killer” cold case from the late 1970s. Following a Detroit Detective in 2019, the series employs newly available DNA testing to narrow down suspects, offering insights into the families’ quest for answers. Explore the complexities of a decades-old cold case. “Children of the Snow” brings viewers into the investigation, showcasing how new technologies impact ongoing cases and providing an intimate look at families seeking closure.

10. The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All (2017)

The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All is a five-part series featuring Erik Menendez’s jailhouse interviews, revealing the years of abuse suffered by the brothers and the events leading to their parents’ murders. The high-profile case, marked by the media circus surrounding it, remains a point of controversy. Delve into the complex “Menendez murders” case, questioning the motivations and circumstances behind the killings. The series aims to provide a nuanced perspective on the events, challenging public perceptions surrounding the trial and conviction of the Menendez brothers.

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