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7 Best Torrent Sites for Comic Books (Updated 2020)

A picture is worth a thousand words. This statement testifies the importance of comics that appear daily in newspapers, blogs, magazines, etc. Comics convey meaningful messages in a bittersweet way and are a popular source of entertainment for people of all ages, especially children and young adults.

Comics have now become very common and the extent of their popularity is such that a wide range of subjects including fantasy, politics, history, entertainment, psychology, sociology, etc. are being covered in comics.  

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Are you an avid comic reader? If the answer to this particular question is a big YES, then you must be eager to download your favorite comics and read them at once.

What if we were to tell you that there is a fast, secure, and easy way out. Surprised? Nay, not so. But we have, for those avid comic readers, come up with a list of torrent websites that help you download your desired comic books with ease.

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PS: The websites listed in this blog have nothing to do with precedence, ranking, and popularity.

1. GetComics

You can download comics in EPUB format from GetComics. Not a torrenting site per se but it has all the relevant comics including DC and Marvel. So before you start torrenting, it is imperative that you try EPUB comic sites for quick and easy access to your favorite comics.

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is yet another popular torrent website that facilitates its users to download the comics that they desire to read. It possesses the largest collections of comic books. Therefore the users can select any type of comics they want.

The Pirate Bay user can search for relevant comics within the search box available within the website. All the comics are categorized with respect to the dates they were last downloaded. The categories are divided by alphabetical order.

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3. 1337x

As a fan of torrenting, there is nothing that you cannot find on 1337x. It has a number of other domains because, in the past, it has constantly come under fire from the authorities. Comics-wise 1337x has got a truckload of comic books. The search engine is quite impressive and will yield your desired results.

The site has both new and old comics. With its remarkable design, 1337x is easily the go-to website for comics.

4. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads is one of the best torrent websites available to download comics. Coupled with its easy-to-use interface and design, the website offers numerous comic books for readers of all ages. It also offers categories of comics related to the adventures of any of your favorite superheroes. The diversification of categories has made it one of the premium torrent websites for downloading comics.

5. YourBitTorrent

YourBittorent is yet another website that offers a great collection of comic books. It’s relatively new in the market, but this torrent website has made a good impact since the very first day. Users can easily download comics of Marvel, Walking Dead, DC, Daredevil, and Star Wars from this website.

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6. TorrentProject

TorrentProject is another relatively new torrent website for downloading comic books. A vast collection of comic books is available in the well-maintained torrent library. Users can download any type of comics they like without any hiccups or restrictions.

7. Zooqle

An interesting option for torrenting buffs to browse for the latest comics. Zooqle has a search engine that will deliver the right results for its users. Just enter the relevant search query and voila, there it is! No matter, if it’s Marvel comics or the DC, Zooqle got it covered for you.


Honorable mention includes Another awesome torrent website for comics and this concludes our list for torrent websites from where you can download your favorite comics. The list is not exhaustive and there are many other torrent websites available as well.

But whatever you do, always use the best torrent VPN to download from your favorite torrent websites. Don’t hesitate to share your suggestions in the comments section. Your suggestions are always valued!

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