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The Best Torrent Sites For Movies In 2019

Waiting to catch torrents for Robin Hood, Aquaman, Green Book, Mortal Engines, Bohemian Raphsody, Bumblebee and more?

The above are some of the top movies released last year and movie lovers who couldn’t catch them in the cinemas are eagerly waiting, waiting for their turn to watch it from the comfort of their couch. All they want is to have a good time with their friends and family.

Now you can watch your favorite movies at home, without any hassle! Excited? Read on! Moreover, here’s a complete comprehensive category for watching online streaming channels using Ivacy.

Thanks to torrents. Torrents are everywhere.  

And for your convenience, we have complied a list of top torrent websites for movies from where you movie geeks can download any movie of your choice.

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P.S.: All the websites included in this list are not ranked in order of precedence or popularity.

1. The Pirate Bay

ThePirateBay is the most popular torrent website used to download movies. With SSL encryption available, you can easily download from and upload movie and music files to the Pirate Bay. The website enjoys a large number of unique visitors each day – 5,944,321 to be precise. The Pirate Bay also supports P2P file sharing mechanism via the Bittorrent protocol.

2. LimeTorrents

If you are a fan of torrents than you cannot pass up on Limetorrents. Users of the site are impressed by the file sizes which are available and by the frequency with which they are updated. So as a user you are bound to revisit.

You can sort the torrent by date added, its size and seeders/leechers in addition to a health meter which speaks volumes about torrent’s quality. There is a separate information page for each torrent where more details about it can be found.

3. TorLock

The site may not be a popular one but that does not mean it is a fake website. Instead if a user can report any fake torrent on their website, they are generous enough to pay $1 to that user. Rest assured, TorLock has 5 million verified torrents on the website and that’s saying something!

All the notable films, TV series, and software etc. are available on TorLock. There is also a “Top 100” list which shows the most trending torrents as well as those which have the highest seeders and leechers.

4. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads has a very straightforward interface detailing you about the torrents. You can give it a go for its huge library and HD quality of torrents. Users will be presented with multiple categories of torrents which they can browse from.

There is also the option to rate and leave a comment on torrents which in turn, helps the community to figure out which torrents are fake and which ones are authentic. With the help of its “Advanced Search” option you can narrow down the possibilities of finding your desired torrent. You can filter torrents by category, provider and its status.

5. YIFY Torrents

This is one of the most popular torrent websites, where a large number of movies are available for download. By using the YIFY torrent website, you can easily download 3D movies. The website also provides its users with a chat area and RSS Feed. There is also a feedback section available, where the users are encouraged to give feedbacks and suggestions. One of the best features available with this website is the data backup facility.

6. 1337X

If you want to interact with the online torrent community at large, the 1337X website is the best choice for you. It wholly facilitates community engagement for its users. It is an ad-free torrent website, hence if you want to download a movie, you can do it without any fuss. Although, this torrent website is blocked in the United Kingdom, it’s among the top torrent websites available. You can download movies, music files, books, and much more.

7. Monova

This torrent website packs a very clean UI and design. For users, it can be a delight but advertisements can prove to be annoying for some. Besides that, Monova is an impressive torrent site for whatever your heart desires.

8. Torrentz2

A super duper torrent indexing search engine that displays torrents from a wide array of websites over the web. Visit their “Site Index” page for the list of websites.

9. rutracker

A Russian site which is currently active and has a database of only latest torrents. Best part, rutracker provides with distribution awards, has a hall of fame and so on so forth. A site worth mentioning in the Top 10.


It is a fast, reliable, and secure torrent website, through which you can download the movies of your choice. You can search and find any torrent that you desire. Beware though! You can not upload a .exe file on this website. On the left side of the homepage, you can find different categories that separately list genre-based movies and their trailers.

To Wrap It Up

I have included only 10 torrent websites that facilitate you to download your favorite movies. There are many other torrent websites for movies available. Feel free to contribute to this blog with your suggestions and feedbacks in the comments section.

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