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Best Christmas Movies to Stream on Hulu with Friends this year


It’s that time of the year again when there’s a bounce in your step, a ring in your voice, and pumpkin-spiced cheer all around you! But there’s more to Christmas than just hanging up your Christmas decorations. There are so many new things that you can try this Christmas with your family and friends. You can play a Christmas music quiz, some games that will add that fun element to your holidays, or if you’re more in the mood to unwind and spend some low-energy time together, try watching some of the best Christmas movies on Hulu!

If you’re looking for some good flicks to watch, Hulu is the place to go. All you need to do is grab your favorite people, put on your favorite Christmas PJs, get a big old plate of those gingerbread cookies and enjoy!

If you’re confused between the hundreds of options available on Hulu, you’re at the right blog. Here, we will talk about some of the best; most fun Christmas movies available on Hulu right now. So, bring out those snacks, get your pumpkin-spiced latte, clear your and your BFF’s schedule, and let’s run through the list of your favorite Hulu Christmas movies.

Updated 22 August, 2023: This blog has been updated to reflect a new list of best Christmas movies that are sure to keep users hooked to their screens throughout the holiday season.

But, before we go further…

best Christmas movies on Hulu

There’s something we need to talk about. Even though all the movies we’re about to list down here are available on Hulu, some of them might not be available in your region. This is because of geo-blocking, which means certain internet pages are blocked outside certain geographical regions.

There can be several reasons for this, but mostly, it happens because of licensing issues. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. If you really want to watch one of these movies that aren’t available in your region, Try Vpn for Hulu and unblock the streaming in any region.

You can follow this 4-step method:

  1. Sign up for an Ivacy VPN account
  2. Download the right application for your device
  3. Connect to the internet through a remote and secure server
  4. Enjoy all the movies you want on Hulu!

Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to bypass any geo-barriers that dare block your path. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with our list.


Top Christmas Movies on Hulu to Watch This Year

best Christmas movies on Hulu

As the holiday season envelops us in its warmth and magic, there’s no better way to celebrate than by indulging in the enchanting world of Christmas movies on Hulu. From heartwarming tales of redemption and family bonds to side-splitting misadventures and unexpected twists, Hulu’s diverse lineup offers something for everyone’s festive tastes.

So gather your loved ones, prepare a cup of hot cocoa, and dive into the binge-watching adventure of the best Christmas movies on Hulu:

The Holiday

best Christmas movies on Hulu

Sometimes, don’t just want to switch your life with someone else’s? Perhaps your work is too tough? Or all your neighbors have started to hate you, or maybe your partner has cheated on you and you don’t want to stay in that place any longer? Whatever the case, we all believe that other people’s problems are just so much easier than ours.

At least that’s what Iris and Amanda thought in ‘The Holiday’. Tired of their relationship issues, these two women from the opposite ends of the world decide to swap homes for the holidays to take a break from their own lives.

However, things rarely go as we plan them, don’t they? When these two unexpectedly meet and fall in love with local guys, the holiday season becomes more interesting than they bargained for.

Girlfriends of Christmas Past

best Christmas movies on Hulu

They say revenge is a dish, best served cold. And we all have at least one person who has wronged us so brutally that we’d personally come to watch them when life serves them exactly what they deserve.

When Livvy’s partner breaks up with her, she’s heartbroken—until she finds two of his ex-girlfriends and the three of them realize they were being cheated on. Revenge-driven, the trio decides to take matters into their own hands, and teach their ex a lesson.

But what happens when one of them starts falling into the chance of a real romance and finds it hard to juggle love and war. Will this burgeoning new love win? Or is everything going down along with the ex? Find out in this fun Christmas movie on Hulu!

Christmas Perfection

best Christmas movies on Hulu

Christmas Perfection is the perfect holiday movie for people who want everything to be ‘perfect’. The movie follows the story of Darcy, who, as a kid, has no real control over how her family spent the Christmas holidays.

Naturally, she grows up to be a control freak—so much so that she forgets what the holiday season is really supposed to be and feels like. One day, she magically finds herself transported to her idea of a perfect Christmas village where everything is exactly how she would have wanted it.

Her parents, her best friend, her ex—everything. Sounds like nothing could be better, right? Wrong. As the movie progresses, Darcy learns that perfection isn’t everything that it is cracked up to be and that sometimes, it’s better to focus on what’s right in front of you.

The Apology

best Christmas movies on Hulu

Kicking off our enchanting journey through the realm of Christmas movies on Hulu is the heartwarming film titled “The Apology.” This extraordinary holiday story gracefully unravels the narrative of two estranged sisters who find themselves at a crossroads during a poignant family gathering over the festive season. As the yuletide spirit fills the air, the sisters embark on an emotional journey of forgiveness and reconciliation that tugs at the heartstrings of viewers.

Set against the backdrop of a cozy Christmas setting, “The Apology” invites us into the lives of these two siblings, once separated by past grievances. Through carefully crafted storytelling and evocative performances, the movie takes us on a captivating ride as the sisters navigate the complexities of their strained relationship. Amid twinkling lights and festive decorations, the film brilliantly captures the essence of the holiday season, serving as a poignant reminder of the power of second chances and the profound significance of healing fractured bonds.

Home Alone

best Christmas movies on Hulu

No compilation of Christmas movies on Hulu would be complete without the inclusion of the beloved classic, “Home Alone.” Enter the charming chaos of young Kevin McCallister’s life as he inadvertently finds himself left behind when his family jets off on a holiday vacation. What unfolds is a hilarious and heartwarming escapade as Kevin takes on a pair of bumbling burglars, showcasing his wit, resourcefulness, and a dash of holiday mischief.

Within the framework of laughter-inducing antics and inventive traps, “Home Alone” effortlessly conveys profound lessons about the value of family, the joy of togetherness, and the transformational magic that the Christmas season brings. As Kevin’s resourceful maneuvers unfold against a backdrop of twinkling lights and snowy landscapes, viewers are treated to an experience that’s both heartwarming and side-splittingly funny.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

best Christmas movies on Hulu

Continuing our exploration of Hulu’s Christmas movie offerings, we venture into the world of “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.” In this eagerly awaited sequel, Kevin McCallister finds himself once again separated from his family, this time in the bustling metropolis of New York City during the holiday season. Against the backdrop of the iconic cityscape adorned with festive decorations, Kevin embarks on an adventure filled with mishaps, laughter, and newfound friendships.

As Kevin navigates the vibrant streets of New York while outsmarting the comically hapless burglars, he discovers the true essence of generosity, the magic of giving, and the warmth of forging connections during the most wonderful time of the year. With the enchanting charm of the Big Apple as a backdrop, “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” amplifies the holiday spirit, making it a must-watch for the whole family.

It’s a Wonderful Binge

best Christmas movies on Hulu

For those seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane, “It’s a Wonderful Binge” offers an unparalleled experience. This delightful collection assembles classic Christmas episodes from beloved TV shows, immersing viewers in a nostalgic journey back to the golden era of television. As iconic characters celebrate the holiday season, you’ll relive the magic, humor, and heartwarming moments that have made these episodes timeless favorites.

From cherished sitcoms to heartwarming dramas, “It’s a Wonderful Binge” is a treasure trove of festive episodes that capture the essence of Christmas through the eyes of endearing characters. Prepare to be transported to a bygone era of television while embracing the joy and sentimentality that only holiday-themed episodes can deliver.

A Nasty Piece of Work

best Christmas movies on Hulu

For those seeking a departure from traditional holiday fare, “A Nasty Piece of Work” provides a refreshingly unique twist on the Christmas movie genre. This darkly humorous film centers around an office Christmas party that takes an unexpected turn into the realm of the unpredictable. As the plot thickens and surprises unfold, viewers are treated to a rollercoaster of emotions and revelations that keep them engaged and intrigued throughout.

While “A Nasty Piece of Work” may deviate from the usual feel-good holiday formula, it serves as a reminder that the Christmas season isn’t confined to a single genre. With its clever storytelling, unexpected twists, and a touch of seasonal irreverence, this film offers a distinctive take on the holiday spirit—one that is sure to leave audiences talking and pondering long after the credits roll.



Loved these options? Got better, newer ideas? We’d love to hear all about your favorite Christmas movies on Hulu, and so would our readers! Remember that some of these movies might not be available in your Hulu library—as discussed before.

To bypass the geo-blocked, you can always use Ivacy VPN and connect from a whole different country. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself an Ivacy VPN subscription today and start making the most of your Christmas!

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