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5 Best YIFY Alternatives For Torrenting – Best YTS Alternatives (Nov 2019)

The hunt for the next best YIFY alternative that actually works has been the talk of the town lately. Ever since the torrent giant, YIFY (AKA YTS), faced a similar fate as that of its counterparts like The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents and TorrentZ, torrent downloaders are on a constant lookout for the best YIFY replacement.


The dependency on YIFY is now causing problems across the torrent community, particularly because it was that one source of quality content. Netizens are therefore left wondering if YIFY is ever coming back.  However, many clones kept surfacing (presently the domain is active).

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What Happened to YIFY Torrents?

YIFY (AKA YTS) practically became an overnight sensation among movie geeks by hosting high-quality torrents of recently released movies. Its popularity was unquestionable as it was generating millions in traffic every day.

Services resumed as per the norm, and all was fine until one day, the beloved site showed a blank page which was a rare sight to see. It took many users by surprise as seldom had YIFY ever gone down for more than a few hours.

Top 5 YIFY Alternatives

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the website had been shut down following a multi-million dollar lawsuit by the MPAA, New Zealand. The site has been down ever since and there isn’t a quantum of hope that it is ever coming back. So is YIFY down? Yes, the real one is, but there are some mirror sites of YIFY that are still working.

Top 5 YIFY Alternatives That Still Work

Although, YTS clone is available under a domain name ( and is presently working. But for those who miss the original YIFY torrents website, here are the best alternatives that will serve as replacements to quench that insatiable appetite for torrents.

1. Kickasstorrents

Top 5 Torrentz Alternatives

It is a clone of Kickasstorrents ( and a good one at that! The site hosts a massive library of torrents and thus, the site has garnered a lot of traction in a very short period of time. So if you want to revel in the experience which YIFY torrents used to offer, we suggest you give Kickass’s clone a go!

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2. ISOHunt


It seems like ISO has existed since time immemorial. It was there for us when torrenting was still a shenanigan rather than a trend. Fortunately, ISOHunt ( is still unscathed in the face of stricter copyright laws and seems to be going strong. The website boasts one of the largest (and oldest) torrent libraries on the internet today. So, while it would be provident to assume that ISOHunt is on the DMCA hitlist, it has tremendous potential to fill the void left by YIFY.

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3. Lime Torrents


Although not as big a name as most of its counterparts, Lime Torrent holds tremendous potential to become the next BIG thing in the Torrent industry, especially considering how some of the big players are being singled out by DMCA. With an ever-increasing database of movies, anime, music, and games, Lime Torrent ( has quickly earned a reputation among the masses. Donning a rather user-friendly interface, Lime Torrent makes it to our list of the top 5 YIFY  alternatives.

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Specifically known for hosting “high-res” content, RARBG has built its goodwill by following the basics. As it stands, this particular torrent-indexing website is one of the most desired torrent sites globally. The site ( boasts a massive online library of content that includes movies, games, TV shows and even software programs. So RARG can seriously game up your torrenting affair and could work out as THE best replacement for YIFY.

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5. Zooqle

Zooqle surfaced as a substitute for BitSnoop, which was put out of commission in 2017. Zooqle since has managed a database of over 3.8 million torrents, and verified ones at that! Given the site is a relative newcomer, the number is huge and so if you were a fan of BitSnoop in the past, you do not lose much with Zooqle ( as its successor.

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The above concludes our list for best Yify/YTS alternatives.

How to Download from YTS – Torrent Anonymously With Ivacy

When looking for a way to download torrents, you can either try out any of the YIFY alternatives that we have discussed above or use Ivacy, the best VPN for torrenting to bypass geo-restrictions. Using a reliable and affordable VPN is one of the smartest ways to unblock these websites and relish your torrenting experience without the fear of getting traced.

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