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Apple Is Running BitTorrent Tracker At Cupertino

Apple is running BitTorrent Client on Cupertino Banner

It seems that Apple Inc. has softened its stance on supporting BitTorrent trackers on Apple devices.

Historically, Apple is not known for supporting BitTorrent clients on its devices. But in a strange u-turn, the company now offers the facility to its users to use BitTorrent trackers on Cupertino.

Meanwhile, as a BitTorrent user, you are well aware of the fact that there is essentially no need to make torrent trackers work on a designated system, but they do help detect traffic on torrent clients, thereby making it easier for users to share their content.

The fact remains that unlike torrent websites, torrent trackers are a bit techy, but interesting. Most of the private torrent communities that rely on magnet links tend to use torrent trackers so as to keep their traffic and data secure.

Although torrent trackers are related to torrent websites only, there are other companies that use torrent trackers for their advantage as well. It was during one such exercise, when digging up IoT search engine, Shodan, it appeared that Apple Inc. was running torrent trackers on more than three dozen of IP addresses at its headquarters in Cupertino.


Active torrent trackers are available on ports 6969, with IP addresses:,,,,,,,,,, and and port 80, with IP addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and


Shodan’s Chief Executive Officer, John Matherly, holds the point of view that in order to check if the computer is running a bittorrent tracker, we send a connection request with a transaction ID of 0x34925.

One can easily gauge the popularity of bittorrent trackers by the fact that Twitter and Facebook, two of the most famous social media websites, also use these trackers to their advantage.

The fact remains that after checking Apple IP addresses, against an eight million torrent database, no IP match was found. This in turn boosts the concept of internal use theory, which corresponds to the ideal world, where the companies are bound not to expose their internal processes.

Hence, it still remains unclear that what Shodan or Apple are going to take out of these torrent trackers. Is Apple Inc. ready to betray the historical trend of not supporting torrent trackers on its devices? Or the company is going to open up a whole new array of devices to facilitate torrent users?

Well, let’s wait and watch.

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