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9 Best Anime Torrent sites to watch your favorite anime in 2021


Anime is one of the many super awesome things to come out of Japan. From their array of supernatural, superhuman characters with unfathomable strength, magical powers, and brilliantly colored hair, to the fascinating storylines that can get remarkably relatable at times, these cartoons are masterpieces.

If you’re the kind of person who appreciates a good anime every once in a while, to escape life and all its troubles, this blog is for you. Even though watching anime online is possible, (check out our top ten KissAnime alternatives to watch them online), downloading an anime torrent and watching them uninterrupted is still an unparallel experience.

You get to enjoy buffer-free HD streaming without worrying about your internet connection! Now if you’ve been torrenting for a long time, you’d probably already know the ropes by now. However, in case you’re a beginner, before we move on to list down the best anime torrent sites, let’s talk a little about secure torrenting.

Stay secure while torrenting

Torrenting sites are a hub for cybercriminals and other malicious attackers and the risk for getting your data stolen and used against you is much higher on anime torrent sites. Luckily, there is a way around it; using a VPN.

A VPN service masks your IP address and encrypts your data Here’s how to use a VPN service to make sure you’re safe while visiting and downloading from anime torrent sites.

  1. Sign up for an Ivacy account
  2. Look for the correct app for your system and download it
  3. Select a server in the country you want to be connected from
  4. Switch the VPN ‘On’ and download anime torrent securely!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on to the actual anime torrent sites!

Best Anime Torrent sites that are working in 2021

Most of us have already downloaded a torrent or two for movies from popular torrent sites. The bad news is that even though these sites may come with huge collections of movies and TV shows, there’s very little anime variety.

If you’ve noticed that and have been looking specifically for anime torrent sites, read on! Here are 9 of our favorite anime torrent sites to turn to when you’re in the mood to sit down and enjoy your weekend with some Japanese fictional characters.

1. Nyaa


First up, is Nyaa! Did you know that the word ‘nyaa’ is actually how the Japanese say ‘meow’—as in the sound a cat makes? The Japanese ‘Kawaii’ or ‘cute’ culture overemphasizes cats because of how ‘innocent’ and ‘cute’ they are.

This is why you’ll often hear little kids or school girls say ‘nyaa’ at the end of sentences or in a general expression to sound extra ‘cute’. Now, on to the anime torrent site.

As one of the most popular sites for anime torrent downloading, this one is simple, fast, easy to use, and comes featuring a massive collection of anime. Even though the design of its interface may seem a little overwhelming at first, it’s pretty easy to understand and once you get the hang of it, there may be very few sites that seem easier to navigate and operate.

But that’s not even the best part about this anime torrent website. The best part is that it has NONE of those annoying ads or popups that disturb your browsing experience. The website also updates its episodes pretty quickly, so if you don’t want to wait a long time for updates, this may be the perfect site for you!

Try Nyaa here!

Average download speed: 7.1 MB/s

Number of search results for “The Promised Neverland”: 1

Number of search results for “Shaman King”: 523

Number of search results for “Dr. Stone”: 450

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Promised Neverland”: 41/5

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Shaman King”: 1,669/2,125

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Dr.Stone”: 3,566/951

Mirror Links

If the link above doesn’t work for anime torrent site Nyaa, try one of these mirror links.


2. SubsPlease


If you’ve been an anime fan for a long time, you’d likely remember HorribleSubs, which was considered to be the best anime torrent website for a very long until it was recently shut down. If you miss the original site, SubsPlease is a great option for you because it features a similar overall site design.

The special thing about this anime torrent website is that it has it displays an anime schedule so that you don’t miss out on your favorite episodes—which is a rare find on most anime torrent websites. Since the site calls itself the “one-stop shop for new anime”, you can be sure to find the newest releases here, if nowhere else. This site also lets you browse and download without interrupting your site activity with ads.

Feel like this anime torrent website could be the right match for you? Visit SubsPlease here and download everything you’ve been missing out on.

Average download speed: 8 MB/s

Number of search results for “The Promised Neverland”: 223

Number of search results for “Shaman King”: 611

Number of search results for “Dr. Stone”: 843

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Promised Neverland”: 51/8

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Shaman King”: 8,584/5,925

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Dr.Stone”: 6,265/519

3. Anime Tosho


Much like Nyaa, this anime torrent site also doesn’t redirect users to other sites or feature ads. However, the two sites are far from similar apart from that fact. Anime Tosho’s user interface is slightly different from other sites, including Nyaa.

On this anime torrent website, you have the option of downloading the same anime from multiple different sources—a feature that isn’t available in Nyaa. Even though the website features a large collection of incredible picks, the style may strike as a little old-school to most people.

The site features a ‘filter tab’ that lets you filter out the kind of anime torrents that you want to watch, a powerful search tab that lets you search by name, and a credentials section where you can sign in and watch exclusive content. If anything, Anime Tosho updates its library pretty frequently and wouldn’t disappoint you if you’re looking to watch some latest releases.

Average download speed: 8.1 MB/s

Number of search results for “The Promised Neverland”: 725

Number of search results for “Shaman King”: 516

Number of search results for “Dr. Stone”: 966

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Promised Neverland”: 541/14

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Shaman King”: 1,573/3,753

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Dr.Stone”: 6,146/165

Mirror Links

If the link above doesn’t work for the anime torrent site Anime Tosho, try one of these mirror links.


4. AniDex


Love anime torrents but can’t deal with those dubs and don’t understand Japanese? AniDex specializes in anime with English subtitles to make them easier for you to understand. However, this site is not just limited to anime. If you’re looking for more, you’ll find plenty of manga, anime games, and applications besides anime shows and movies.

This anime torrent website also lists the latest shows and makes sure to upload new releases and episodes at the soonest to not keep their audience waiting. The site is neatly categorized by the type of content needed, for example, anime torrents, light novels, music torrents, and games, etc.

Like most others mentioned in this post, this anime torrent website also runs on a no-ads policy, so if you’re looking forward to a fun streaming time without having to be bothered by ads, this site won’t disappoint you.

Download anime torrents from AniDex here.

Average download speed: 7.6 MB/s

Number of search results for “The Promised Neverland”: 85

Number of search results for “Shaman King”: 364

Number of search results for “Dr. Stone”: 214

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Promised Neverland”: 32/2

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Shaman King”: 3,452/1,791

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Dr.Stone”: 7,159/528

Mirror Links

If the link above doesn’t work for anime torrent site AniDex, try one of these mirror links.


5. The Pirate Bay


There are very few people in the world who are not familiar with The Pirate Bay torrents. If you’ve been into downloading torrents for a long time, you’re likely to have downloaded a couple or a couple hundred from this one. As one of the oldest and most reliable torrent sites, this one has managed to evade many legal attempts to close it down.

Even though The Pirate Bay is popular among movie and TV show buffs, very few people actually know that you can download anime torrents from it too. In fact, if you really can’t decide which anime torrent website to turn to, this is a safe option.

Unlike other anime torrent websites, however, this one isn’t free of ads and if you’re not used to a few random pop-ups here and there, you’ll likely get annoyed really fast. Apart from this, the website has a number of verified torrents that you can download.

Visit The Pirate Bay here.

Average download speed: 8.2 MB/s

Number of search results for “The Promised Neverland”: 522

Number of search results for “Shaman King”: 412

Number of search results for “Dr. Stone”: 627

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Promised Neverland”: 261/45

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Shaman King”: 5,654/2,258

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Dr.Stone”: 4,682/1,284

Mirror Links

If the link above doesn’t work for anime torrent site The Pirate Bay, try one of these mirror links.


6. Bakabt


If you’re a true anime torrent fan, you’d appreciate Bakabt. This is a password-protected, invite-online, interview-verified anime community that isn’t AT ALL easy to get into.

To be able to access the Bakabt anime torrent site, you’ll have to first and foremost, be invited by one of the members. Next, the site admin will schedule an interview, and ONLY if you clear the round; you will be awarded your own log-in credentials that you can then use to get into it.

Once you’re in, there’s no end to the fun you can have. Even though the site lists new numbers and is pretty quick to update new releases, the main focus of this anime torrent community is old numbers and classic anime.

The best part about the whole thing is that it is well seeded and you’ll find a number of rare anime that are very difficult to find on open-access anime torrent websites.

Intrigued? Visit Bakabt here!

Average download speed: 9.2 MB/s

Number of search results for “The Promised Neverland”: 258

Number of search results for “Shaman King”: 912

Number of search results for “Dr. Stone”: 715

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Promised Neverland”: 218/25

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Shaman King”: 19,256/8,621

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Dr.Stone”: 65,623/12,781

7. Tokyo Toshokan


If you’re really a die-hard anime torrent fan, this site might be right up your alley. Full of rare anime that are hard to find on other sites, this site will leave you with much more than what you came looking for. If you’re looking for exclusive anime that not a lot of people have watched because it’s not readily available, you’ll find this anime torrent website to be quite a delight.

With a powerful search engine, this anime torrent site lets you search based on title and even genre. What’s even more special about this site is that it’s not limited to just anime. In fact, it lets you look up manga, Japanese music, applications, and even games.

If you’re looking for newer anime, you’ll be happy to know that this anime torrent site updates its already massive collection pretty frequently and doesn’t shy away from hosting anime torrents that most other websites won’t.

Visit Tokyo Toshokan here.

Average download speed: 7 MB/s

Number of search results for “The Promised Neverland”: 256

Number of search results for “Shaman King”: 9642

Number of search results for “Dr. Stone”: 2549

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Promised Neverland”: 652/25

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Shaman King”: 7,562/1,623

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Dr.Stone”: 7,961/1,263

Mirror Links

If the link above doesn’t work for the anime torrent site Tokyo Toshokan, try one of these mirror links.


8. AniRena


If you’re looking for inclusivity, AniRena will surprise, delight, and totally win you over with its ginormous collection of non-English anime. So, if English isn’t your first language, or you’d like to enjoy your favorite anime shows in another language, you’ll quickly become friends with this anime torrent website.

With no need for logging in or signing up, this site is perfect for people who are both, new to anime and looking for a fun, hassle-free to access them. Quite similar to other websites, AniRena also displays the size of the anime torrents available so you know how much disc space your download might require.

The website is available worldwide, so there is little to no chance of not being to access it. Even if you can’t, you can always use a dedicated VPN service to get your fill of anime torrents in the language you speak. Created specifically to create a multilingual culture around anime, this site is sure succeeding!

Visit AniRena here.

Average download speed: 9.3 MB/s

Number of search results for “The Promised Neverland”: 45

Number of search results for “Shaman King”: 812

Number of search results for “Dr. Stone”: 269

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Promised Neverland”: 321/15

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Shaman King”: 7,324/2,617

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Dr.Stone”: 5,627/924

Mirror Links

If the link above doesn’t work for anime torrent site AniRena, try one of these mirror links.


9. Anime Layer


If you’re easily impressed by clean and modern UIs and good site aesthetics, the Anime layer will prove to be a good choice. This anime torrent website likes being upfront and gives you all the details regarding the listed numbers right away. The anime listings display information like country, type, genre, description, release date, size, and resolution—everything that you would want to know.

With a frequently updated database of anime from all genres, including subbed and dubbed, this anime torrent website also features its own dedicated forum where anime fans can discuss favorite shows, anime. If you can’t decide which one to watch next, you can even ask for recommendations from like-minded people!

Available in every country of the world, this anime torrent website won’t leave you stranded when you’re looking for a good watch with its high-quality library. Visit Anime Layer here.

Average download speed: 8.5 MB/s

Number of search results for “The Promised Neverland”: 54

Number of search results for “Shaman King”: 642

Number of search results for “Dr. Stone”: 547

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Promised Neverland”: 247/353

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Shaman King”: 9,550/5,524

Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Dr.Stone”: 2,345/125

Most popular anime torrent sites are blocked? Here is why

In June of last year an anti-online piracy law was approved by the Japanese Parliament to regain and encourage copyright control. Many anime torrent sites were banned in addition to other online resources. This ban was also approved as a response to reports that showed how much damage piracy and copyright issues were causing.

Torrent VPN – Why do I need a VPN for torrenting

Due to legal and copyright issues, many countries have blocked free anime sites like Kickass Anime to void legal issues. One way to bypass these geo-restrictions is to use a VPN service that will let you surf the web anonymously and securely.

The service connects you to a server in the country where the site you’re trying to access isn’t blocked, posing you as a citizen of that country. The same applies to accessing sites like Kickass Anime.

Which is the best torrenting website for Japanese anime?

You easily watch free Japanese anime in HD over at sites like Kickass Anime and Anime-Planet. There are also paid options that include Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix if you easily get annoyed by ads.

Which is the best torrenting website for the Philippines

Looking to watch anime in the Philippines? Musa Asia, Ani-One, and IQIYI are some of the best options if you’re more interested in paid plans. Free options include Anime-Planet, 9anime, and GoGoAnime.

Which is the fastest Anime torrent site?

Kickass Anime is a cult-favorite when it comes to anime torrent because of its unparalleled collection, impeccable speed, and global availability.

FAQs related to Best anime torrent website in 2021

Is Anime torrenting legal? What will happen if I get caught?

Anime torrenting comes under ‘copyright infringement’ and this violation is treated as a civil matter. That being said, the penalties vary by jurisdiction.

Read more: Is Torrent Illegal? How To Download Pirated Movies Free In 2021

Do you really need a VPN for torrenting?

It is advisable to use a VPN for streaming when it comes to downloading anime torrents to avoid getting into trouble with the law and keeping your data safe. A VPN masks your IP address and will let you surf the internet anonymously and privately.

Read more: What If My VPN Disconnects Suddenly?

How to speed up torrent speed? Is there a Way?

There are a few ways to boost torrent download speed. Three of them are listed in the following.

  1. Make sure you’ve selected the nearest server.
  2. Add an exception to Windows Firewall
  3. Use a VPN to bypass ISP throttling.

Read more: How To Increase Your VPN Server Speed?

how to download torrents on iPhone and MAC

There are a number of apps you can use to download torrents on iPhone and Mac. Here are a few.


Read more: Torrent IOS Made Easy For IPhones And IPads


Now that you’ve got plenty of sites to choose from, you can easily download all anime torrents that you want and enjoy to your heart’s content. However, be mindful of cyberattackers and hackers lurking around on these sites.

The best way to protect against these is to download a VPN service that will let you browse the internet privately and anonymously. If you’re looking for one, try Ivacy! With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can give our powerful features a risk-free shot.


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