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10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives (Updated January 2020)

One of the most popular torrent sites, ExtraTorrent is no more among us. Torrenteers have started going crazy and have flocked to the search engines in pursuit of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives.

extra torrent shuts down


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A Brief History of ExtraTorrent

Back in 2006 when torrent sites like Mininova and TorrentSpy ruled the lands, it was then that ExtraTorrent made its presence known.

ExtraTorrent fought hard, and until a couple of years ago, it was the 2nd largest torrent website right after Pirate Bay, attracting millions of visitors daily.

The site was famous for hosting movies and Tv shows.  As a result, many complaints were made to hosting companies and domain name service providers to put the website out of commission.

However, it is still unclear if it was the legal pressure that led to the demise of the torrent giant.

That being said, here are the best ExtraTorrent Alternatives to keep you entertained.

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10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

    1. The Pirate Bay
    4. Popcorn Time
    6. TorLock
    7. 1337x

The prominent ones have been discussed in detail.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is, without any doubt, the undisputed champion of the world of torrenting. Now that KAT, Torrentz, and ExtraTorrent are down, one can expect people to turn to Pirate Bay for consolation. Over the past few years, Pirate Bay has gone through many ups and downs, but the website still stands strong till date. It is by far the best ExtraTorrent alternative out there.


A torrent site with an organized library of torrents. If you all else fails, this is the best website that can get your torrent fix. Say you are eagerly searching for that exciting torrent and can’t find it anywhere and have exhausted your options, with its trackers will deliver you the desired results. Although, it is banned in a lot of countries due to its popular nature.


One of the oldest websites in the books, RARBG, is among the oldest torrent websites to have dwelled the internet. The good thing about this website is the genuine reviews it provides regarding torrents. It’s because of the huge following of the website, that it has managed to grab the third spot on the list.


Another worthy ExtraTorrent alternative, LimeTorrents, is not a new player in the pirate industry. With an impressive database, the website offers a huge number of magnet links that can be used to obtain your favorite torrent. Unlike other ExtraTorrent alternatives, LimeTorrent doesn’t host torrent files, it instead functions more like a search engine.

5. Popcorn Time

Not a torrent website per se, Popcorn Time lets you stream torrents directly; though it does download the torrent temporarily on your computer. It lets you stream your favorite movies and TV shows straight from the torrent. But one has to have a good internet speed to counter buffering.

The website uses BitTorrent Protocol and breaks down the file into small chunks to facilitate uninterrupted streaming. Be warned though, since it’s pretty much the same thing as a torrent, you’ll be needing a VPN for Popcorn Time in order to stay out of the radar.

That’s it from our side. Though ExtraTorrent is no more, yet it will remain in our hearts forever!

In conclusion, no matter what torrent site you end up using, make sure you use a VPN. The best VPN for torrenting will ensure you remain safe and secure online while being fully capable of defeating ISP throttling for good.

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