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How to Use Gate.io in the US with a VPN

In 2024, Gate.io is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges that provides live information on current prices, trading volume, liquidity, and price movements of all the supported altcoins. Due to some legal reasons, Gate.io is inaccessible in the US, Canada, India, Spain, and other countries. To make it precise, Gate.io is regionally limited which users cannot access in various locations for exchanging and trading. Gate.io can be used in the US by using a VPN dedicated to cryptocurrency exchanges. Today, we are going to take you through finding the best Gate.io VPN and how you can use Gate.io in the US hassle-free.

How to Access Gate.io with a VPN

How to Use Gate.io in the US with Ivacy VPN

Follow the mentioned steps below to access your Gate.io account easily from anywhere you want.

1. Sign Up and Download

signup for ivacy

Register for Ivacy VPN account. Download it on your preferred device, and you are all set.

2. Connect to a Server

connect to a server

Connect to a VPN server where Gate.io is accessible (Norway, Sweden).

3. Enjoy Complete Access

get secure online

Sign up for the crypto exchange, install the Gate.io app, and complete the KYC verification process to start trading on Gate.io immediately!

Why is Ivacy the Best VPN for Gate.io?

How to Access Gate.io with a VPN

As of 2024, there is a long list of countries unable to access Gate.io due to geographical limitations imposed by the platform. Without a reliable VPN, millions of people in those countries wouldn’t be able to perform crypto trading. However, a sturdy and technically designed VPN could smoothen the way by allowing you to use Gate.io in the US and many countries where it is banned.

Ivacy VPN is identified as the best Gate.io VPN for it has 5,700+ servers in almost 100 countries. What’s more? It has unbreachable security features that keep you out of prying eyes and provide a faster and more stable internet connection.

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Why is Gate.io banned in the US?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts cannot access Gate.io platform because it does not comply with the regulations of crypto exchange.

Gate.io is not registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), nor does it possess a license to operate in the US. Whenever customers try to reach Gate.io from the US, they will see the message on the screen saying “Your IP address is from a restricted area. Gate.io is unable to provide services and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

Like many cryptocurrency exchanges, Gate.io users must pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. Not all VPNs, especially the free ones could bypass this verification process, making customers from the US helpless to access the platform. This is where Ivacy VPN works as a reliable VPN to effectively circumvent the geo-limiting measures and make sure you access Gate.io hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overall, it is not recommended to use a free VPN service for Gate.io. Factually speaking, free VPNs come with a wide array of problems and are weaker in their dodging geo-limiting abilities. Also, free VPNs lack security features and make you prone to cyber-attacks.

Opting for a premium VPN is important here if you want to experience a smooth and risk-free Gate.io experience. You will get better security and utmost performance without getting monitored. Ivacy VPN in this regard, has a vast network of servers with advanced security features.

Gate.io is safe to use and is considered a safe and reliable crypto exchange on the market. To make it even safer and out of the reach of cyber attacks, you need a robust VPN like Ivacy VPN which has been tested by experts and is verified to protect user's data from tracking.

Gate.io is a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange platform that is not available in the US.

Gate.io stopped its all operations in Canada in 2022, this was after Canada passed new rules and regulations regarding crypto. However, it is possible to use Gate.io in Canada with a VPN.

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