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Our Mission

Ivacy VPN is dedicated to empowering internet users around the globe. Now, internet users can unblock content and overcome surveillance, censorship, and online threats with ease.

Our Humble

Ivacy VPN is a premium VPN brand that has been around for over a decade now. Ivacy VPN began its journey to empower internet users in 2007, when two friends envisioned a safe digital world at their lunch-table. The VPN brand has since become an innovator, delivering exceptional security features like Split Tunneling in 2010 that has become a staples of the VPN industry.

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Servers Worldwide

It is worth noting Ivacy VPN offers 3500+ servers in 100+ locations, giving users all the leverage they need to access any content online without compromising their security or anonymity. Most importantly, internet users are not restricted to a specific number of servers they can connect to daily, nor do they have to face bandwidth limitations.

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The Ivacy VPN Legacy

Ivacy VPN Today

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GamersOrigin's Official VPN Partner

Ivacy VPN and GamersOrigin Teams up to secure all gamers worldwide, As a fast-emerging online gaming club that boasts 23 pro-players, GamersOrigin realizes the high importance of playing it safe on the field and outside of it too. In view of this goal, GamersOrigin has partnered up with Ivacy – a veteran gaming VPN, to strengthen the defences of its players, while they keep on gaming online, worry-free.

West Ham United's Official VPN Partner

As one of the biggest Football Clubs in the world, West Ham United understands the importance of strong defense on the field and Ivacy have partnered with the Club to sure up their defenses off the field, in the online world. As one of the biggest Football Clubs in the world, West Ham United understands the importance of strong

Member of the US National Cyber Security Alliance

Ivacy VPN believes in transparency and offering greater value to its customers. To make this possible, Ivacy VPN joined the US National Cyber Security Alliance as a member. With this membership, Ivacy VPN can assure its customers they are dealing with a reliable VPN that cares about their online privacy and security without compromises.

Award-Winning VPN Provider

Coming from humble beginnings, Ivacy VPN has stayed true to its ideals. For this reason, and due to its technological advancements, it should not come as a surprise that the VPN brand has won countless awards over the years. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco.

Our Ideals

Ivacy VPN believes in instilling confidence in its target audience by being transparent. The VPN brand values its customers’ freedom, which is why it is constantly working around the clock to deliver innovative features that will take their internet experience to new heights.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Ivacy VPN has evolved from its original design philosophy. Apart from providing VPN solutions, Ivacy VPN is renowned for its diversified cybersecurity solutions for its users.

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Creating a Free and Safer Internet

Member of the VPN Trust Initiative

Ivacy VPN is a proud member of the VPN Trust Initiative, also referred to as VTI. The VTI’s goal is to educate the masses regarding cybersecurity developments and highlight quality standards for the VPN industry. With this initiative, Ivacy VPN aims to help people stay secure online, regardless of what VPN provider they opt for.

Empowering Internet Users

Ivacy VPN is all about internet freedom, which is why the VPN brand has provided countless features to empower internet users in this regard. At the same time, internet users are also given the tools to protect themselves from internet censorship, surveillance, cyberattacks, etc.

Customer Feedback is Valued

No VPN brand is perfect, but we are constantly striving towards eradicating any issues our users might be facing. To ensure our VPN service is top-notch, we take our users’ feedback into account to remove vulnerability and bugs.

Regular Audits

Audits are an excellent way to determine if a VPN provider’s claims are true. To ensure impenetrable security, Ivacy VPN undergoes regular audits. For instance, Ivacy VPN has a KPMG certification, guaranteeing the VPN provider is true to its word about keeping no logs.

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Ivacy VPN Manifesto

Ivacy VPN is dedicated to making the internet accessible as it was initially intended. Unfortunately, the internet is plagued by censorship and cybersecurity concerns these days, due to which users are left to fend for themselves, but not as long they use Ivacy VPN.
Our team of technicians and researchers are tasked with optimizing Ivacy VPN and its offerings to make internet freedom a reality for everyone. Our ultimate passion and goal allow us to make the internet a safer place so that users do not have to worry about their internet traffic being recorded or misused.
We have a zero logs policy to protect our users, ensuring we have no information to offer to anyone when inquired about them. Since we believe in internet freedom, we enable humanitarians to reach their goals without fearing for their security online or otherwise.
To remain transparent, we will go above and beyond the call of duty to keep our users up-to-date regarding all aspects of our service, such as information about rare glitches or server status updates. We believe in creating relationships with our users where trust is everything, thus allowing our customers to rest easy knowing they are in safe hands.

Help Our Cause - Make The Internet More Private

If you're reading this, then we both have the same goal. Help us spread the word. Share our story and create awareness for billions of internet users across the web. Tell them how vulnerable their private information is and how they can protect it. Be a part of something bigger, be a part of making our digital world a safer place for all.

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