Chicagoans slammed with a hefty ‘Cloud’ Tax on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu

Ivacy July 2, 2015 422 Views

The ‘Gift’ to Chicagoans Just three days before the Independence Day, the Chicago Law enforcers presented the nation with a bizarre gift; the “Tax”! Yes folks, dubbed as the “Cloud Tax”, the tax is a 9% addition to subscription rates of every streaming service including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify, Hulu and similar streaming sites. ...

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Freedom is in the air!

Ivacy July 2, 2015 9 Views

4th of July is the day when the land of the free and the home of the brave got its freedom. It is a day to commemorate the courage, struggle and wisdom of our founding fathers who laid the foundations for the Greatest Country in the World. The Urge for Independence In 1776, there was ...

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What’s exciting coming your way this July on Netflix?

Ivacy July 1, 2015 193 Views

We’re already half way through 2015, and there must have been ups and downs in your life since the start of this year. A lot of your new year’s resolutions may also be inching towards completion. But in all this rigmarole, have you taken time out for yourself? If not! Then Netflix has got just ...

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Cyber Citizens of France, You Are Being Watched!

Ivacy June 25, 2015 565 Views

French government has passed a very controversial surveillance law, just a day after WikiLeaks came back in action by revealing that NSA (National Security Agency) have been spying on the last three French Presidents and a lot of other French officials; after which French Government became vigilante in the process of passing this bill, and ...

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Watch HWL 2015- Pakistan VS India Hockey Match Live

Ivacy June 25, 2015 766 Views

All the hockey fans out there, brace yourselves for the most exciting match of Hockey World League 2015. The arch rivals; Pakistan & India cross swords once again in an epic battle to claim the ultimate victory. Both the teams are from Pool A and both came out victorious in their first matches. Pakistan won ...

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